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Patrick Jones Digital divide and diversity: 25% of users just playing Bridges out of Poverty.

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2 Patrick Jones

3 Digital divide and diversity: 25% of users just playing Bridges out of Poverty

4 2. Format explosion: Responding to developmental needs Case for comics at least they reading something Its about customers, not collections

5 3. Information literacy: deGooglizing School corps Teen Tech Week

6 New spaces: Developmental needs reminder VOYA articles Coolness Online spaces Answering the publics demand for shhhhhhhhhh

7 Outcome measurement: Whats next Whats in it for them Do we count or think about why our work counts?

8 Outreach in the community Only two ways Expected Needed Do the old math

9 Programming returns: Teen Read Week After school programs Book based programs – Twilight, Manga, etc Technology as program (DDR)

10 Teens as volunteers Not date due cards Recruitment Partnerships Expand capacity

11 Youth development: Why are we here? What does our public want? problem free does not mean fully prepared Building assets

12 10. Youth involvement plus programming equals success Library 2.0 ideals Content creation Program development Mentoring and recruiting Utilizing expertise

13 Why They Arent Reading By the time many students reach high school, they equate reading with ridicule, failure or exclusively school-related tasks.

14 Why They Arent Reading Students are not excited by ideas. They prefer to experience life directly rather than through reading.

15 Why They Arent Reading Many active adolescents are unable to sit still long enough to read for any prolonged period of time..

16 Why They Arent Reading Teenagers are too self-absorbed and preoccupied with themselves, their problems, families, sexual roles, etc., to make connections between their world and books.

17 Why They Arent Reading Books are inadequate entertainment compared to other competing media such as television, video games and the Internet.

18 Why They Arent Reading Persistent stress from home and school to read constantly is counter-productive for some adolescents.

19 Why They Arent Reading Adolescents may grow up in non-reading homes void of reading material with no reading role models. There is no one to pass down the value of reading..

20 Why They Arent Reading Some adolescents may consider reading solitary and anti- social.

21 Why They Arent Reading Reading is considered uncool and something adults do.

22 Why They Arent Reading Cant find the good books

23 Connecting Young Adults and Libraries Patrick Jones Consulting, training, and coaching for providing powerful youth services including library card campaigns and web projects

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