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How to drive more and better quality traffic to your website.

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1 How to drive more and better quality traffic to your website

2 David Taylor Webmedia trading eight years in Chester Web design, SEO, digital marketing, training Visiting lecturer at University of Chester

3 A little about you What's your business? What's your experience of driving traffic to your website?

4 About today I want to give you today a series of easy to implement actions that are going to make a real difference to your business website getting more and better quality traffic Download these slides later at Http://

5 Over the next hour.. I can't cover everything in detail But I want to do is share some issues that I feel are important to a business owner on these subjects in 2016

6 Why is driving 'quality' traffic to your website important? 89% of consumers use the Internet for purchase decisions...

7 What do I mean by 'quality' Traffic that is likely to have a genuine interest in your business

8 Steps to a sale visibility - engagement - relationship – conversion – maintenance

9 You have to be able to measure progress in traffic to your site? Google Analytics

10 Reading Google Analytics Data Compare the basic metrics month on month Look for week/seasonal and other spikes and troughs Look for reaction to your other marketing work

11 If you want traffic the first thing you have to have is Visibility.. So how do you get online visibility Search engine marketing Social media Email marketing Paid advertising Pay Per Click Google Shopping Directories Reviews

12 Let's look at a typical Google search result page


14 Now at least 1 trillion per year

15 Visibility tactic 1 - Search engine optimisation (Google) Where do we start? I recommend you start by asking this question.. Is my business website one of the best 10 for my target search query?

16 Best? Design quality Information architecture Quantity of quality content User experience Clarity Authority Relevance Outcome

17 Search engine optimisation (Google) What's important Clarity of focus On-page issues Content marketing Google getting to know you Reviews Google+

18 What has changed with Google in the last 3 years? Content authority is now highly important Social media has grown in importance Mobile responsive User behaviour tracking Hummingbird – understanding intent Poor links and poor content quality gets you penalised

19 Identify one phrase that people looking for your business would be searching Make your website one of the best online for someone searching for that phrase.. Optimise your website for that phrase H1 tag home page Meta data – page title, meta keywords, meta description On page content Regularly refreshed and added to

20 So time for me to put you on the spot What is the phrase that you think people would be searching to find your business?

21 Google Adwords Keyword Tool Tells you the search volume for keywords on Google

22 Other SEO factors Google + Reviews Google My Business Links from relevant authority sources Social signals

23 Let's see an example

24 Why you should learn and use Google Webmaster Tools

25 Visibility tactic 2 -Social media Social media is a relationship building tool not a selling tool Use it to gain reputation, to drip feed brand recognition and to project your authority

26 Social media My strategy... Create a high-value blog post (or piece of content) targeted at your target audience Share it through your social media... Facebook Twitter Google+ YouTube Pinterest Linkedin Be consistent, be regular

27 Visibility tactic 3 - Pay per click Google Adwords and Facebook Be specific in your ads Understand long and short tail keywords (don't always target the #1 keyword) Timing is important

28 Let's look at Google Adwords


30 In my experience of pay per click... The more specific the offer the better Craft a landing page with a call to action Study which ads work best and when and build on that

31 So let's take stock 1. You are looking to improve online visibility Google SEO, optimise for one phrase, be the best site 2. A single quality blog post syndicated through your social media 3. Pay per click - be specific, test and review

32 Email marketing Paid advertising Google Shopping Directories Reviews Social bookmarks

33 Visibility tactic 4 -Email marketing

34 Visibility tactic 5 - Paid advertising – Google Adsense (Google Display Network) Part of Adwords

35 Visibility tactic 6 - Google Shopping

36 Visibility tactic 7 - Directories

37 Visibility tactic 8 - Reviews Google sees reviews as authority

38 Visibility tactic 9 - Social Bookmarks

39 Im summary … getting more and better quality traffic to your website Benchmark & measure Get visibility on Google Syndicate one piece of user targeted content through social media Lever your existing contacts through email marketing Pay Per Click for fast profile Google Shopping is under the radar People use online Directories to source People like Reviews People use social bookmarks to find recommended content

40 Congratulations! You got quality traffic to your website So now what? Engagement User experience Conversion

41 Don't forget Download the slides - Make a plan of action Measure progress (Google Analytics)

42 Do you want to know more? I will be running one day courses this Spring in SEO Social media marketing Google Adwords PPC Let me know if you are interested

43 Thanks for coming

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