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A Case Study in Success Online How to generate revenue through content marketing.

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1 A Case Study in Success Online How to generate revenue through content marketing.

2 I am Ryan Hanley Insurance Producer, CIC – The Murray Group Insurance Servicers, Inc Creator/Editor – Author – The Social Tools Book Producer – The Content Warfare Podcast

3 Success Online is derived from your ability to consistently deliver value and has nothing to do with your technical knowledge of the Internet.

4 Ground Rules Ask lots of questions… – Even dumb questions I don’t expect you to be an expert – Be prepared for my honest opinion – You can always follow up with me I may go on a tangent – I promise it will always be relevant I don’t care if you email or send texts You don’t have to ask me to go the bathroom

5 Our Goals for Today Content Marketing and SEO My SEO Experiment Facebook & Google+ HOW to generate new business revenue from content marketing, SEO and Social Media Action-items to dominate your local market online using content, SEO and Social Media

6 Myths About Selling Online Internet Shoppers Buy on Price – If we don’t treat our product like a commodity they won’t buy it like a commodity We Need To Be On Every Social Media Site to be Successful – Success online is about becoming a valuable resource Consumers Need Our Expertise – The information gates to our knowledge have been unlocked

7 Common Objections to Social Media We work on referrals… So does the Internet Internet leads are price shoppers… Statistically not true It takes too much time… You don’t have time for to generate revenue? I don’t know anything about computers… Hire someone that does I don’t like the Internet But your clients do


9 Why Search?


11 Why Not Social Media?

12 Content Marketing and SEO

13 Content Marketing - is a marketing technique of creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience - with the objective of driving profitable customer action. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - is the process of improving the visibility of a website or blog in a search engine's "natural," or un-paid ("organic“) search results.


15 Success isn’t about YOU. It’s a derivative of being all about everyone else...

16 Today you deliver value, Tomorrow you build a relationship.

17 Everyday I watch so many brilliant people with invaluable life and business experience come to the blogosphere and approach it all as if they’re starting from scratch. - Srinivas Rao

18 Worn Calipers and SEO

19 My SEO Experiment Answer 100 Questions – By video – Two minutes of less – Post on YouTube Create a corresponding blog post – Embed YouTube video in the blog post Post link directly in Facebook Post link directly in Google+ Post link directly in LinkedIN – and Relevant Groups Put links to post in email newsletter


21 Where do I get content? Client questions CE Classes Trade magazine Community events Charitable events Employee success Testimonials Case studies The weather Safety tips Other insurance agencies Your own experience New technology Market changes Industry events

22 “If you could only have one insurance question answered what would it be?” ACTION ITEM #1

23 No Action No Traffic

24 Lots of Action Lots of Traffic

25 Search Traffic

26 $4,975 In 3 days



29 FOR 100 DAYS


31 $4,975

32 $3.32 A MINUTE

33 $200 a Hour

34 $200 an Hour $1,600 a Day $8,000 a Week 47 Weeks of Work $376,000 a Year

35 post/

36 Where you position your Call-to- Action matters ACTION ITEM #2

37 Link deep into your blog to help search engines index your content

38 Adding video gives visitors a quick easy way to connect on a personal level

39 Tell visitors exactly what you want them to do

40 You Have to ASK for the Business

41 Social Media

42 What Social Media Should I Use? Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Google+ YouTube Pinterest Foursquare Yelp



45 Business posts are a necessity… But make them relevant to your clients concerns

46 Every post does not need to be professional or insurance related

47 Let your clients know where else you want them to connect with you

48 Show your support for the community

49 Show love for the clients that love you

50 Get More Facebook Likes Buy easy to remember domain – – Facebook Address on Everything Facebook Address displayed on Website w/ Link Link to agency page from personal profile Invite clients and friends to Like agency page Facebook Address in email signature ACTION ITEM #4

51 Give stuff away… Make it fun

52 Google+ ACTION ITEM #5

53 Why use Google+ Having 100 Google+ followers increases search engine ranking by 14.63 positions – Indexed by Google Social search relevance with connections – Authorship tag Google Hangouts It’s Google…

54 ic-testing-social-media-signals-in-search Google wants you to use Google products

55 Authorship Tag ACTION ITEM #6

56 This Stuff Works


58 Digital and Social Marketing Strategies Reverse the Flow of Value from Provider to Consumer

59 Free isn’t free if it’s not getting the job done…

60 Action-Items for Next Week 1.Write down client questions 2.Place Calls-to-Action on website, blog and social media 3.Update Facebook Page 4.Link to Facebook Page in every communication 5.Create / Update Google+ Page 6.Place Authorship Tag in Blog Posts

61 Questions

62 Thank You Ryan Hanley – Twitter: @RyanHanley_Com – Web: – Email: I wish you all Success in your Online Marketing!

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