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Kathi Kruse 10 Dynamite Ways to Get Traffic, Leads & Sales with Social Media.

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1 Kathi Kruse @kathikruse 10 Dynamite Ways to Get Traffic, Leads & Sales with Social Media

2 Kathi Kruse @kathikruse Google: 95% of Car Shoppers The Road to the Sale Begins Online

3 Kathi Kruse @kathikruse Online Marketing + Sales Dealership Operations Adapt

4 Kathi Kruse @kathikruse Marketing Must Reach All Stages of Buying Process

5 Kathi Kruse @kathikruse 10 Dynamite Ways to Get Traffic, Leads & Sales with Social Media

6 Kathi Kruse @kathikruse #1: Be Social

7 Kathi Kruse @kathikruse Customer’s Perspective When You’re Not Social You don’t care You’re not paying attention You’re not interested in gaining them as a client

8 Kathi Kruse @kathikruse #2: Set Clear Goals & Objectives

9 Kathi Kruse @kathikruse Examples of Goals: Marketing Action Plan Grow page likes and followers Consistent fresh content on Blog Increase reach & engagement Drive traffic to your website Convert fans into customers

10 Kathi Kruse @kathikruse #3: Solid Content Action Plan (What you’re going to post and why)

11 Kathi Kruse @kathikruse What is a Content Action Plan? A plan for adding unique, expert, indexable content to your site & social media on a regular basis. Getting the right message to the right customer at the right time.

12 Kathi Kruse @kathikruse “See” Customer “Think” Customer “Do” Customer Branded, Unique, Shareable Expert, Helpful, FAQs Indexable, Offers, Lead Gen Content Type

13 Kathi Kruse @kathikruse NOT a Content Action Plan

14 Kathi Kruse @kathikruse #4:

15 Kathi Kruse @kathikruse Step 1: Publish Awesome Content

16 Kathi Kruse @kathikruse

17 Kathi Kruse @kathikruse The Perfect Facebook Post

18 Kathi Kruse @kathikruse

19 Kathi Kruse @kathikruse Helpful Information

20 Kathi Kruse @kathikruse Instagram: #WashMyWhip

21 Kathi Kruse @kathikruse Thousand Dollar Test Drive

22 Kathi Kruse @kathikruse

23 Kathi Kruse @kathikruse Step 2: Grow Likes, Reach & Engagement Promote Your Page (Grow Likes) Boost Your Posts (Increase Reach & Engagement)

24 Step 3: Generate Leads Send People to your Website Increase Conversions on Your Website Use Facebook “Unpublished Post” Ads to:

25 Kathi Kruse @kathikruse #5: Target the Right Audience Audience Demographics Interests Shopping Behaviors Custom Audience Lookalike Audience Website Custom Audience

26 Kathi Kruse @kathikruse #6: Landing Pages Call to Action Lead Form

27 Kathi Kruse @kathikruse #7: Incorporate “Social Selling” in Sales Process Study: 79% of salespeople who use Social Media as a selling tool outperform those who don’t.

28 Kathi Kruse @kathikruse If your customers are online… And your product is online… WHY aren’t your salespeople online?

29 Kathi Kruse @kathikruse Ways to Motivate Team for Social Selling Address WIIFM Leverage your “Teachers” Spiffs: ex. “Best Testimonial Video” Check in at Sales Meetings Track Metrics, Reviews & Leads from Social Networks

30 Kathi Kruse @kathikruse Online Reviews: What’s In It For Me?

31 Kathi Kruse @kathikruse #8: Social Customer Service Study: 87% of customer Facebook messages are ignored 71% of those who receive positive Social care are likely to recommend your brand to others

32 SEO “Likable Expert” Social Signals Leverage Staff Expertise (WIIFM) Generate Traffic, Leads & Sales #9: Blog for Business Kathi Kruse @kathikruse

33 Dealership Blog Kathi Kruse @kathikruse

34 Kathi Kruse @kathikruse Blog Content Tips 1.Examples of “Why Buy Here” 2.Clickable Headline 3.Hyper-local Content 4.Employee Engagement 5.Optimize for Search 6.Publish Consistently 7.Video Blog? 8.Syndicate through Social

35 Kathi Kruse @kathikruse #10: Personal Business Blogs Opt-in Form

36 Fact: Customers Google Salespeople Test it! Google Yourself & Your Staff Kathi Kruse @kathikruse

37 “Social Media validates me to my customers. They know doing business with me is the right decision. My strong presence makes it easy for a prospect to do their own “Googling” and they’re always impressed with what they find.” Mike The Car Guy

38 Kathi Kruse @kathikruse 1.Be Social 2.Set Clear Goals & Objectives 3.Solid Content Strategy 4.Kickass 3-Step Facebook Marketing 5.Facebook Ad Targeting 6.Landing Pages 7.Social Selling 8.Social Customer Service 9.Blog for Business 10.Personal Business Blogs 10 Dynamite Ways to Get Traffic, Leads & Sales with Social Media

39 Kathi Kruse @kathikruse Action Time!

40 Kathi Kruse Social Media Strategy & Marketing Online Reputation Management 714.251.6440 Facebook: kathikruse Twitter: @kathikruse LinkedIn: krusecontrol Thank You! Q & A

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