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Carbon Compounds Chapter 2 sec. 3. carbon Organic compounds contain carbon.

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1 Carbon Compounds Chapter 2 sec. 3

2 carbon Organic compounds contain carbon

3 Macromolecules Monomer -simplest form Polymers -repeating monomers Macromolecules -made up of polymers

4 Molecules of life 4 essential organic compounds essential to life 1.Carbohydrates 2.Lipids 3.Proteins 4.Nucleic acids

5 Carbohydrates Composed of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen Used as main source of energy 1.Monosaccharides 2.Disaccharides 3.Polysaccharides

6 Monosaccharides “Simple sugar” Ratio of 1:2:1 (CH 2 O) Glucose C 6 H 12 O 6 Fructose = fruit Galactose = milk

7 Disaccharides Double sugar = 2 monosaccharides Sucrose = glucose + fructose

8 Polysaccharide Composed of 3 or more monosaccharides EX. Glycogen – many glucose molecules Cellulose and starch

9 Lipids Large nonpolar organic molecules that do not dissolve in water Large # carbon and hydrogen bonds

10 Fatty acids Unbranched carbon chains that make up most lipids 1.Triglycerides 2.Phospholipids 3.Waxes

11 Triglycerides 3 fatty acids and a alcohol glycerol Saturated (shortening and fats) (solids) Unsaturated (energy) (liquids)

12 Phospholipids 2 fatty acids joined to glycerol Cell membrane = lipid bilayer

13 Wax Long fatty acid chain joined to long alcohol chain Waterproofing – plants and animals

14 Nucleic Acids Very large and complex Store important info in cell 1)Nucleic acids 2)Nucleotides 3)DNA

15 Structure of DNA One Nucleotide consists of: 1.Phosphate group 2.Sugar (deoxyribose) 3.Nucleic Acid

16 Nucleic Acids DNA and RNA = deoxyribonucleic acid polymers of nucleotides

17 Proteins Carbon,hydrogen,oxygen and nitrogen Building blocks of proteins

18 Amino Acids 20 different types 1)Amino acid 2)Dipeptide 3)polypeptide

19 Dipeptides 2 amino acids bonded together Peptide bond = bond between amino acids

20 Polypeptide Long chains of amino acids

21 Enzymes Catalyst in reactions Enzymes are proteins Ex. Digestive enzymes

22 Enzymes and Proteins Fit “lock and key” to substrate to produce product (very specific for what they bond too)

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