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Connect with Heather How many members does your church have?

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2 Connect with Heather




6 How many members does your church have?

7 How many members attend worship every week?

8 Internet use is GROWING


10 You can reach __________ additional people every week with #DigitalOutreach.

11 The potential is out there!


13 New Mission Field  From 2011-2014, BGEA reached 5 million decisions for Christ.  More than 20,000 people each day view an online presentation of the Gospel and can engage with trained counselors.  Globalmedia Outreach, established in 2004, has reached 159,409,690 decisions for Christ.  And 81,934,642 people currently going through their Discipleship programs.

14 Example (2011) I thought maybe 25-50 would join me. Maybe. Much to my surprise, 2,500 people joined me for that “little” study. (2013) Today I don’t just lead a study, I’m the director of a world-wide community. And no longer is it just on my blog, but we are also on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. 88,000 ladies from over 106 countries have joined our little OBS in the past couple years. We have 59 Facebook small groups with leaders. We have 10 team leaders. We have a prayer team. We have a teaching team, social media team, core team, and even an executive assistant.

15 More than a gimmick. Social Media and the internet can be a powerful tool.

16 Here’s where we’re going: Create a Digital Strategy Explore tools for content excellence View real time tracking to evaluate what works and what doesn’t Q&A

17 Digital Strategy – Plan it out  Where will you post?  What will you post?  When will you post?  WHO will post?

18 Start in ONE place, do it well then add more…or don’t!

19 What will you post?


21 Banner and Profile Picture

22 Right now If you have a Church Facebook Page or Twitter or anything else, choose a post and share it on your personal profile.

23 WHO will post?

24 Tools – Make your job EASY  Scheduling tools: Hootsuite and Buffer  Content Creation: Canva and YouVersion

25 Hootsuite and Buffer

26 Canva and YouVersion







33 Right Now

34 Tracking – Find what Works Let’s see what’s going on RIGHT NOW on a few Facebook Pages.

35 Tracking – Find what Works




39 In Worship  Invite people to “Check in” before or after worship. This can easily be done during the announcements!  Provide a “sharable” quote from the Sermon in the bulletin; 140 characters or less. Or could be the main Bible verse used in the sermon. You can even go so far as adding a hashtag. Ie: #Confirmation, #worship, #YourChurch  Consider printing the Bible verse as an image so that people can take a picture and share.  Include a question to ponder and share.  What are some ideas you have for using #DigitalOutreach in worship?

40 Engage. Get people connected to the Body of Christ.

41 Engage Online  Provide connection through Prayer posts. “How can we pray for you?” “Pray for the request above and below your comment.”  Consider hosting an online Bible study via a blog, your website, or even Facebook. (Ask me how!)  Respond to people when they comment, share, and leave messages.  Provide opportunities for people to come to church, apart from worship.

42 Q&A

43 Resources  digital-decisions-disciple.html digital-decisions-disciple.html   nearly-9-5-million-hear-the-gospel-through-billy-graham- evangelistic-association-outreaches/ nearly-9-5-million-hear-the-gospel-through-billy-graham- evangelistic-association-outreaches/  demographics-of-social-media-users/ demographics-of-social-media-users/ 

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