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Great Expectations Groβe Erwartungen Elke Kuegle.

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1 Great Expectations Groβe Erwartungen Elke Kuegle

2 Die goldenen Regeln The Golden Rules Remember the three R's: Respect for self. Respect for others. Responsibility for all your actions.

3 Das ist was die Regeln meinen... This is what the rules mean... Be on time and be prepared! Work while in my class and do your very best every day! Learn and show personal responsibility!

4 Sei bereit! Be ready for class: You are ready when you are seated at your desk with everything you need for the class in front of you when the bell rings.

5 Du fängst an! You start the class: Bell work or warm-up exercises will be on the board at the beginning of the class. You start the class every day.

6 How to hand in projects and assignments Deposit your work in the appropriate basket for your class when it is due. Einreichen, bitte!

7 Missed work/class: Check with the teacher on your own time for assignments/work/handouts. If you have questions, ask. Make up work in a timely manner. (assignments are due, nlt the # of days you missed plus one) Verpasst/verpennt?!

8 Group/partner work: Each group member is expected to participate and assume their assigned role. Be considerate and respectful of each other and the surrounding groups. Gruppen-/Partnerarbeit:

9 Develop and refine listening skills Eyes on speaker. Listen when someone else is talking. Respond when it is your turn. Bitte Zuhören!

10 Approximately once a week, there will be Nur Deutsch Tag. Your class will compete against other German classes to see who can speak in German the longest that day. The winner with the most minutes will be rewarded at the end of the quarter. Nur Deutsch Tag: German only day:

11 Punktetag Point day Approximately once a week, there will be a point day. You will receive points for speaking German in class. ALL POINTS FOR SPEAKING GERMAN THAT DAY ARE BONUS POINTS! You are expected to speak in complete sentences and to take turns. No points are rewarded for blurted out answers.

12 Once a week, there will be Freikarten Tag. You will receive Freikarten when you give an appropriate oral response IN GERMAN. 10 Freikarten = 1 Gutschein which can be used for one daily assignment or to buy items at the German Store at the beginning or end of the day. Coupons/Tickets Gutschein/Freikarte:

13 If you must leave: Darf ich bitte…… auf die Toilette gehen. zum Schließfach gehen. einen Schluck Wasser trinken. Falls Du gehen musst:

14 Disaster/Fire Drill: We will leave the classroom together in a calm and orderly fashion and assemble in the designated area. We will stay with our class at all times during this procedure. Im Notfall:

15 Sweet endings: You will leave your area clean at the end of class. Auf Wiedersehen or Tschüss will dismiss you, not the bell. Das süβe Ende:

16 Möglichkeiten Possibilities German 3 & 4: Schulprojekt Exchange possibilities every summer: Austauschmöglichkeiten jeden Sommer und du kannst Gastgeber sein jeden Herbst Test Out – Clep out Congreß-Bundestag exchange programs for academic and vocational experiences

17 Fortsetzung Continuation National German Test and opportunity to receive international certificate in German through Goethe Institute Reise nach Concordia Language Camps

18 Weitere Möglichkeiten Here are 10 reasons to study German10 reasons Step into German Young Germany Concordia Language Villages Waldsee Willkommen nach Deutschland

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