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The Nineteen Thirties (Part II) A Decade of Extremes.

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1 The Nineteen Thirties (Part II) A Decade of Extremes

2 How did the Great Depression impact the Soviet Union? Russia - now a communist country - USSR (Soviet Union) Joseph Stalin - ruthless dictator - killed opponents, but brought Russia into the 20th century - modernized Russia - collectivized farms, built up steel and oil industry - communist totalitarian government Immune to the effects of the Great Depression

3 How did the Great Depression impact Italy and Germany? Italy - Benito Mussolini –totalitarian dictator –nationalist –Fascism Germany – Adolph Hitler –bitter and angry over loss of WWI –Adolph Hitler came to power in 1933. –Why was he followed? Charisma Made promises and kept them. Wanted his country to be the best. Two goals: “race and space” Led to the taking over of countries east of Germany

4 What was occurring in Japan during the 1930s? Run by a small group of military rulers. Population expanded rapidly - needed more land. These last 3 countries came together and formed an alliance called the Axis powers. –They were all nationalistic and fascist. –They all built up their military. –They all wanted power and more land. Goal of fascism - nationalism.

5 What were the most important steps taken by Japan, Italy and Germany towards world war? Japan –1931 - invaded Manchuria and then China. –Eventually expanded to Southeast Asia and the Pacific. –Lead to starvation of many Chinese citizens Italy - 1935 - invaded and took Ethiopia Germany –Hitler began to rearm Germany –1935 - invaded the Rhineland –1937 - invaded Austria

6 More Steps… Spain - Franco took over during civil war Munich Conference - Britain, France and Germany met over the issue of Czechoslovakia - agreed to give Hitler the Sudetenland and Hitler promised peace in exchange Called Appeasement - several months later, Hitler took the rest of Czech. Britain and France told Hitler if he took any more land, they will declare war. Hitler then made a Nonaggression Pact with Russia and agreed to split Poland if Russia helped in the attack. 1939 - Sept. 1 - Germany invaded Poland - official start of WWII - France and Britain declared war.

7 What was the U.S. position when World War II first started? Officially, the United States was neutral. Unofficially, we sided with the Allies (Lend Lease) Blitzkrieg - Lightning war - Hitler’s style of war- Use of tanks and airplanes. Poland was defeated in 6 weeks. During the winter, Hitler refrained from fighting.

8 What was the U.S. position when World War II first started? In the spring, Hitler invaded Denmark, Norway and France France was captured next - “Miracle of Dunkirk” Battle of Britain - British RAF versus The German Luftwaffe. New British prime minister - Winston Churchill 1941 -Hitler invaded the Soviet Union - Eventually killed 20 million Russians Dec. 7, 1941 - Japan Attacked Pearl Harbor.


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