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2 CAUSES IN ASIA Militaristic Japan was overcrowded and needed raw materials Japan invaded Manchuria (NE China, industrial) in 1931; Fighting through 1938

3 CAUSES IN EUROPE Great Depression- Hitler blames Jews for economic troubles

4 CAUSES IN EUROPE 1933 Nazis control government and begin persecuting Jews; “Final Solution”- policy of mass extermination of Jews enacted by 1939

5 CAUSES IN EUROPE Rise of Fascism in Germany and Italy
Fascism- emphasizes loyalty to the state, obedience to a leader, promise to revive economy, punish those who brought hard times, restore nation’s pride; extreme nationalism, uniforms common Fascism is not a clearly defined theory or program Mussolini in Italy; Hitler in Germany; Franco in Spain

6 CAUSES IN EUROPE Civil War in Spain- Hitler & Mussolini help Fascist leader Franco win Hitler and Mussolini’s desire to expand empires/conquer land Mussolini invaded Ethiopia

7 CAUSES IN EUROPE Germany, Italy, Japan became allies- Axis Powers
Hitler invaded the Rhineland (on French border), then Czechoslovakia; annexes Austria (Anschluss)

8 CAUSES IN EUROPE Munich conference failed to appease Hitler
Hitler invaded Poland (1939) Cartoon- David Low, Evening Standard (10th October, 1938)

9 WORLD WAR II ( ) Allies (France, Great Britain, Soviet Union, U.S.) v. Axis Powers (Germany, Italy, Japan)

10 WORLD WAR II ( ) 1939 Hitler (Germany) and Stalin (Soviet Union) sign a non-aggression pact- agreement to not fight each other (secretly agree to divide Poland) 1939 Germany invades Poland (blitzkrieg); Britain and France declare war on Germany

11 WORLD WAR II (1939-1945) 1940 France surrenders- Nazis occupy France
Battle of Britain begins- Germany bombs Britain, fails to defeat Britain 1941 Germany invades Soviet Union- Soviet Union joins Allies

12 WORLD WAR II ( ) 1941 Japanese attack Pearl Harbor, Hawaii- U.S. enters war 1942 Allies invaded North Africa 1943 Germans surrendered at Stalingrad (Soviet Union)

13 WORLD WAR II ( ) June 1944 D-Day - Allies invade France and defeat Germans Dec Battle of the Bulge- Allies invade and occupy Germany Hitler died: May Germany surrenders- war ends in Europe

14 WORLD WAR II ( ) Aug U.S. drops atomic bombs on Japan- Hiroshima and Nagasaki Sept Japan surrenders- war ends in Asia

15 EFFECTS Holocaust- Six million Jews die in death camps and Nazi massacres

16 EFFECTS Japanese Americans are imprisoned in internment camps (30,00+) Atomic bombs in Japan kill 110,500 60 million dead total from war; 50 million uprooted from their homes Billions of dollars in property damage

17 EFFECTS Communist Parties grow in France and Italy
Nuremberg Trials- charge 22 Nazi leaders with war crimes; 12 sentenced to death U.S. occupies and demilitarizes Japan; Japan adopts new constitution

18 EFFECTS U.S. and the Soviet Union compete to influence and rebuild Europe Cold War- period of conflict between U.S. and the Soviet Union

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