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Junior History Ch 14 Review Answers Beginning of WW II.

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1 Junior History Ch 14 Review Answers Beginning of WW II

2 What were the causes of WWII? a. Aggressiveness on the part of European nations and Japan to acquire land and resources (Examples Sudetenland, Austria, Czechoslovakia, China) b. Revenge from WWI peace that punished Germany (Treaty of Versailles, war reparations, Depression)

3 Blitzkrieg- lightning war- use of tanks and air power Totalitarian-government run by a single individual with complete power Appeasement- policy of giving in to demands of nations to prevent war

4 Isolationism- foreign policy that said stay out of the affairs of foreign nations Fascist- Italian party that believed race and nation more important that individual led by Mussolini Nazis- German Nationalist Workers Party headed by Adolph Hitler

5 Interventionism-involvement in the affairs of foreign nations Rationing- limiting the supplies or goods to individuals to allow everyone a fair share and make them last Reconstruction Finance Corporation- loaned money to convert businesses to war time production

6 Luftwaffe- German Air force RAF- Royal Air Force (British) Lend-lease act- provided war materials to the nations that were vital to our defense prior to our entering the war Atlantic charter- agreement between US, Britain and 15 other nations for protection that would lead to the United nations

7 Axis Powers- Germany Italy and Japan Allied Powers- US, France, Russia and Britain Auschwitz, Buchenwald-Concentration and death camps in Poland

8 Adolph Hitler- Nazi leader of Germany Benito Mussolini- Led Fascist government of Italy Admiral Yamamoto- Developed plan of attack against the US including attack of Pearl Harbor

9 Winston Churchill- British Prime Minister Franklin Roosevelt- President of US during WWII Joseph Stalin- Leader of Russia Charles DeGaulle- leader of French forces

10 Dunkirk- miracle evacuation of Europe by French and British forces after being trapped by Germans, saved over 300,000 men

11 Dates Sept 1, 1939- Hitler invades Poland to begin WWII December 7, 1941- Japan attacks Pearl Harbor July 1940-October 1940 Battle of Britain

12 What strategy did Hitler use with Russia to initially prevent fighting on two fronts? Why did he fail? He signed a non-aggression pact with Russia to insure his eastern border and when he had defeated Britain and France to the West he planned to attack Russia. He failed because he was unable to defeat Britain before engaging Russia

13 How did the strategy of appeasement lead to Hitler’s run through Europe? Hitler was given confidence that he could continue to threaten countries for concessions of land all the while building his military for an eventual attack on those nations trying to avoid war

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