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U. S. History WORLD WAR II.

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1 U. S. History WORLD WAR II

2 THE RISE OF DICTATORS Europe after World War I: Conditions: millions of deaths, destruction of cities and farms, economy in ruins Treaty of Versailles: left many European nations dissatisfied (France wanted Germany punished; Germany severely weakened with economic ruin and political turmoil)

3 Totalitarian Leaders Arise
BENITO MUSSOLINI -member of Socialist party in Italy early 1900’s -founded new political party in 1920’s, National Fascist Party (glory of the state) became leader of government

4 ADOLF HITLER Early life National Socialist Party (“Nazi”) Tried seizure of power – put in prison (1923) – wrote Mein Kampf Became Chancellor of Germany, 1933

5 Adolf Hitler ( )

6 Other regimes… SPAIN: Francisco Franco SOVIET UNION: Joseph Stalin, came to power in communist country mid-1920’s JAPAN: 1930’s leaders wanted to expand territory – 1931 army invaded Chinese province of Manchuria

7 TURMOIL ITALY INVADES ETHIOPIA: 1935 Mussolini invaded East African nation of Ethiopia Haile Selassie (Ethiopian Emperor) asked League of Nations for help – international community unwilling to help SPANISH CIVIL WAR: 1936 conflict between Communists & Nationalists – by 1939 Franco’s nationalists in charge

8 HITLER TAKES ACTION Hitler began rebuilding German military 1936 Hitler sent German troops into the Rhineland 1938 Hitler gains control of Austria through the Anschluss, and gained control of German- speaking part of Czechoslovakia, called the Sudentenland

9 EUROPE ON VERGE OF WAR British Prime Minister NEVILLE CHAMBERLAIN wanted appeasement toward Hitler (to maintain peace) March 1939 Hitler’s troops marched into the rest of Czechoslovakia Hitler made non-aggression pact with Soviet Union


11 HITLER ATTACKS POLAND September 1, 1939, Hitler invaded Poland “Blitzkrieg” = “lightning war” – combination of air attack and fast-moving armored strikes Sept. 3, 1939: BRITAIN & FRANCE (“Allies”) declare war on Germany SEE MAP page 397

12 German Forces Turn West
April 1940, Hitler sent forces into Denmark and Norway May 1940, Hitler sent forces into Netherlands & Belgium June: German troops trapped Allied soldiers at Dunkirk – these were able to escape

13 FRANCE FALLS By end of June 1940, German troops overrunning France, headed toward capitol, Paris France surrendered to Germany Hitler visits Paris

14 BATTLE OF BRITAIN Great Britain now led by Winston Churchill Hitler prepared invasion – Luftwaffe (German air force) began bombing London By late 1940 Battle of Britain over – British had stopped the Luftwaffe – Hitler had to call off invasion

15 TENSIONS IN EAST ASIA 1934 Japan began expanding Navy 1936 Japan signed agreement with Germany 1937 Japan began brutal war against China 1940 Japan formed military alliance with Germany and Italy: AXIS

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