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THE CHOICES An Elementary School Teacher OR A Librarian.

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2 THE CHOICES An Elementary School Teacher OR A Librarian

3 Elementary School Teacher Teaches basic academic, social, and other formative skills to pupils. Required Education: A bachelors degree, complete teachers training, and licensed by the state. Being able to: See clearly from distance and up close, speak clear enough to be understood. Pay is around $33,700- $53,350 a year.

4 Librarian Provides library service by selecting, acquiring, and organizing library materials. Required Education: a Masters degree in Library Science, or more jobs require a Ph.D. Pay is around $17-$28 an hour.

5 The Ups: Elementary School Teacher For I like helping others Would love to have a job which allows me to learn everyday also. For I can be active throughout the day A Librarian For I could help someone find a love for books. For I like helping others. I would also be able to work in a learning environment.

6 The Downs For A Teacher Would have to go to school still. I would have papers and test to grade. Be responsible to have a lesson plan, that is fun for the kids, everyday. I still would have to study the material, to be able to teach it well. I also would have STAFF MEETINGS.

7 Downs For A Librarian Have to be organized, and keep everything organized. Would have to go through a lot of school before career. Also I would have to work on weekends, as well as weekdays.

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