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 A bachelors or masters degree in the subject they teach.

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2  A bachelors or masters degree in the subject they teach

3  Adapt teaching methods that meet student’s needs  Prepare, administer, and grade tests and assignments to evaluate students  Help students who are struggling  Instruct students by lectures and presentations  Give students objectives in lessons and make them clear of them

4  Tools used in a middle school profession include, Bunsen burners, Glass beakers, projectors, laptop computers, and photocopiers  Technologies used include, email, Microsoft office, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Microsoft excel

5  Knowledge of the English language- knowledge of the meaning, spelling, and grammar of the English language  Knowledge of mathematics- knowledge of arithmetic, algebra, Geometry,

6  Teaching others- developing educational or training plans, and teaching them to others  Getting information- obtaining information from all relevant sources

7  Instructing- teaching others how to do something  Critical thinking- using logic to identify the strengths and weaknesses different answers, conclusions, or approaches to problems  Speaking- talking to others to explain information clearly

8  Deductive reasoning- The ability to use general rules on specific problems to find answers that make sense  Oral Expression- The ability to share information through speaking that others will understand

9  The state and national median pay of the job is $53,100 annually.

10  I think I would be suited for the job because I can come up with different teaching styles for each persons learning style. Also I like to get to know people better when I can. I am confident that I can give kids a good education.

11  Challenges  Coming up with lesson plans and presentations that are effective and understandable.  dealing with class clowns  Rewards  Seeing your students learning and understanding the lessons and actually enjoying them  Seeing the once trouble makers turn into model students

12  1. What is the best thing about being a middle school teacher. I love this age group. It is very rewarding to help guide a young person!   2.What are some of the challeges you face daily. paper work, students with different ability levels, class size, and not enough time   3.What do consider to be the rewards of teaching. I love teaching, and the reward is to be able to come to school every day and try to educate students.   4.Could you see yourself doing anything but teaching. My next career will involve teaching, but at the college level.   5. What is your favorite teaching moment A lesson that flows and I can tell my plans worked based on the students reaction/comprehension of what was taught!

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