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BY: JENNA ROLIN 4 TH PERIOD Elementary School Teacher.

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1 BY: JENNA ROLIN 4 TH PERIOD Elementary School Teacher

2 Tasks Put students in groups and use many teaching methods Establish and enforce rules for behavior and procedures Read books to the whole class or small groups Give students plenty of resources for children to explore

3 Tools and Technology Board games – for students to interact with each other with educational games Calculators – math activities Laminators Photocopiers – for class worksheets, homework etc. Laboratory balances

4 Knowledge Education and Training – knowledge of human behavior Psychology English Language Mathematics Geography Computers and Electronics

5 Work Activities Think creatively! Making decisions and solving problems Communicating with principles, teachers, and the students Getting information by observing and from other resources

6 Median Pay National Pay- $49, 520 State Pay- $52, 200

7 Degrees Needed You need a bachelors degree to be a teacher but once you have that, you could go back to school to get another degree that would help you be a better teacher and pay more in your teaching career. Other Possible Degrees: -Masters Degree -Specialist Degree -Doctorate Degree

8 5 Question Interview 1. How much time do you spend a week making lesson plans? 3-5 hours 2. What do you like about teaching? Seeing a student master a concept. 3. What subject do you like the best & why? Reading because it opens your mind to the world. 4. What is the hardest thing about teaching? Watching students struggle & having to keep encouraging them. 5.What is your favorite grade to teach? 4 th or 5 th.

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