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Women and The Vote The Story of Women’s Suffrage in the Progressive Era.

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1 Women and The Vote The Story of Women’s Suffrage in the Progressive Era

2 Women and the Vote First Western nation to adopt suffrage New Zealand, 1893 First US state to allow women to vote NJ briefly (1776-1807) but really Wyoming 1869 Latest Western nation to adopt suffrage Liechtenstein, 1984

3 The Vote in the States Suffrage movement successful in western states Wyoming in 1869 All but three western states by 1920 Reasons varied Women had more influence in frontier Anti-suffragists less organized Well-run grassroots campaigns

4 Majority of states has have women participating in at least some elections by 1920

5 Early Suffrage Movement Seneca Falls, 1848 Elizabeth Cady Stanton Susan B. Anthony Early work combined suffrage with abolition, temperance and other reforms Suffragists outraged that 14 th and 15 th Amendments ignored women

6 Early Suffrage Movement 1890: National American Woman Suffrage Association (NAWSA) Anna Howard Shaw; Carrie Chapman Catt Focus on changing state constitutions Amendment to US Constitution deemed impossible



9 Critical Thinking Why would people be opposed to women having the right to vote?

10 The Anti-Suffragists Feared what women would do with vote “Hysterical” nature Changing relations at home Feared suffrage would lead to full voting rights for blacks Democrats needed South Since many women active in Temperance movement, feared alcohol would be banned


12 Alice Paul Born and raised in NJ Spent time in UK and witnessed radical suffragists Began to agitate for change to US Constitution National Women’s Party (NWP)

13 March in Washington, 1913 Organized by Paul to coincide with Wilson’s Inauguration Women marched up Pennsylvania Avenue Onlookers got violent, shouting names and then attacking suffragists Wonderful publicity for movement

14 Critical Thinking Alice Paul split with NAWSA over goals and tactics. Which approach do you think would be more effective?


16 National Campaign Wilson at first opposed to suffrage Women (mostly western voters) influential in his re-election campaign in 1916 Women expect Wilson to embrace suffrage movement



19 National Campaign Wilson still refuses to endorse suffrage US enters “Great War” in 1917 Alice Paul turns to more radical tactics Pickets “Silent Sentinels” Civil disobedience


21 National Campaign Paul and other suffragettes arrested Mistreated in prison Paul goes on hunger strike Scandal Wilson endorses suffrage as necessity of wartime 19 th Amendment passed in 1920

22 Critical Thinking Why do you think the suffrage movement was ultimately successful?

23 Lessons Suffrage campaigns well organized and executed Experience in western states made suffrage less of impossibility Effective use of civil disobedience and media attention


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