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Women’s Suffrage Section 4.

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1 Women’s Suffrage Section 4

2 Preparing the Way Susan B. Anthony Arrested in 1872 for act of civil disobedience as she tried to vote Strategist and organizer Led women to vote in Rochester New York. Arrested for the act of Civil Disobedience

3 Elizabeth Stanton Began newspaper, “The Revolution”. It was for women’s rights to vote.

4 Together they founded the American Equal Rights Association and began publication of the newspaper, The Revolution.

5 Strategies for Voting Suffragists followed 2 paths toward goal
Constitutional Amendment Individual States 1st Needed 2/3 of congress for amend the constitution Next it needed to be ratified by ¾ of state legislators Most common form of amending the constitution 2nd goal was to get individual states to give women suffrage

6 Suffrage at the Turn of the Century
National American Woman Suffrage Association (NAWSA) Organization formed in 1980 to continue the pursuit of women’s rights, especially the right to vote. Women had right to buy, sell, and will property.

7 New Generation Carrie Catt Alice Paul Head of NAWSA from 1900 – 1904
National American Women’s Suffrage Association Organized a parade of over 5,000 people in D.C for women’s rights to vote

8 WWI U.S enters WWI in 1917 Women filled in jobs left by men
This showed women could do a man’s job

9 Suffrage! 1920 the 19th amendment is passed giving women the right to vote Tennessee was the 36th state which was necessary for the amendment to pass Last major reform of the Progressive Era

10 Identify the goals, strategies, and tactics of two of the suffrage leaders described in this section. Which leader or group do you think was most effective? Why? Write a paragraph expressing your opinion.

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