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6 th Grade Connecting Themes Enduring Understandings.

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1 6 th Grade Connecting Themes Enduring Understandings

2 Essential Question: What are the 7 Enduring Understandings and how do they relate to me? Standard: GPS: SS6G3, SS6G6, SS6G10, SS6CG1, SS6E1

3 6 th Grade Conflict & Change Culture Governance Human Environmental Interaction Movement/ Migration Production, Distribution, Consumption Location Time, Change, Continuity

4 Conflict & Change When there is conflict between or within societies, change is the result.

5 Lets talk about it… How does conflict with your friends, change your friendship? What cultural conflicts have you seen within your school and the United States? How does religion have cultural conflicts

6 Culture The culture of a society is the product of the religion, beliefs, customs, traditions, and government of that society.

7 Huh? What do you mean? Society: group of people with same culture Increases: more Complexity: many parts, difficult to understand Interact: talk, mingle, meet Government: the rules and people who lead

8 Circle Map/Poster What are the characteristics of your family culture? Religion & beliefs Nationality Customs & Traditions – things you do, holidays celebrated, special days, where you eat holiday meals government (who is in charge?) any interesting facts you want to share. Ex. Pets, birthday, vacation, sports, hobbies, languages

9 Your Family Name Name Date Period

10 Governance As a society increases in complexity and interacts with other societies, the complexity of the government also increases.

11 Summarize In what way do the rules in sports get more complex at different levels (ex. from midget football to the NFL).

12 Human Environmental Interaction Humans, their society, and the environment affect each other.

13 Modify We change the environment. Adapt We change ourselves. Depend We need the environment. Humans are MAD about the Environment

14 Think Pair Share What are the consequences (positive and negative) of human environment interaction with the Earth? Pollution? Global warming Endangered species Preserved wetlands Recycling

15 Vocabulary – a – rama Production - make Distribution - sell consumption - use goods/services - things you get, things you do produced - made Location - where Customs – what everyone does

16 Production, Distribution, Consumption The production, distribution, and consumption of goods/services produced by the society are affected by the location, customs, beliefs, and laws of the society.

17 Let’s think about it….. How are items that you buy produced, distributed, and consumed? A PENCIL FOR EXAMPLE….

18 Create a flow chart Choose a product (good). Trace the item from raw materials to the point that it ends up in your home. Include production, distribution (how it moves), and sale of product. Design a flow chart and provide a written explanation for each step of the process.

19 Flow Chart

20 Location Location affects a society’s economy, culture, and development.

21 Double Bubble Contrast your lifestyle (i.e.- jobs, house, entertainment) living in Glynn County to someone living in another country.

22 Glynn Co. vs _________

23 Time, Change, Continuity While change occurs over time, there is continuity to the basic structure of a society.

24 Think, Pair, Share… What in your life has changed but remained the same?

25 Movement/ Migration The movement or migration of people and ideas affects all societies involved.

26 Quick Write Summary What causes families to move? What are the positive/negative consequences of moving?

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