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Connecting Themes Used in Social Studies

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1 Connecting Themes Used in Social Studies
Unit One Connecting Themes Used in Social Studies

2 CONNECTING THEMES Conflict and Change Culture Governance
Human Environmental Interactions Location Movement and Migration Production, Distribution, and Consumption Time, Change, and Continuity

3 Enduring Understandings
Conflict causes Change Religions, beliefs, customs, traditions, and governments More people = more rules and laws Humans, their society & environment affect each other Location affects a society’s economy, culture, and development

4 Enduring Understandings (cont.)
Movement of people and ideas affects all societies involved Production, distribution, and consumption is influenced by location, customs, beliefs, and laws While changes occur, there is continuity in society

5 ESSENTIAL QUESTIONS Relate to the Enduring Understandings
Are associated with SS Standards Will vary from classroom to classroom Will be addressed in daily lessons

6 Making the “Connection”
Students (that’s you!) will understand the Themes by first learning how they relate to his or her life, using real-life experiences. Then, the student will be able to utilize these Themes in order study and understand other areas of the world.

7 Conflict and Change Elementary to Middle School Dress Code regulations
School Rules More responsibility Lockers Schedules

8 Enduring Understanding
Conflict causes Change Essential Questions: How does conflict with your friends change your friendships? What conflict have you experienced in your life and what change occurred? *Please answer one of the questions on your paper in paragraph form. Be prepared to discuss your response.

9 Culture Essential Question What is Culture?
Name some things that you think help create culture.

10 Culture Enduring Understanding:
A society’s culture is made up of religion, beliefs, traditions, government, language, etc. So… Culture includes everything in our life!

11 Culture Video – Double click below

12 Culture Activity Using a Venn Diagram, compare and contrast your family’s culture with a family of another culture.

13 Governance Enduring Understanding: More people = more rules and laws
Types of Government Laws School Rules City and County regulations

14 Governance Essential Questions:
- How did Howard Middle School government get more complex than your elementary school government? - Imagine what Atlanta was like in the 1800’s. What is it like now (roads, skyscrapers, airport, business)? What do you think has made Atlanta so complex? - What about sports teams? How complex does the structures of rules of sports change the more players move up in a career?

15 Governance Now apply this on a larger scale nationally and internationally. How do the governments of nations become more complex as those nations grow and interact with each other? Hint: Think about the United Nations and its functions. Do all those countries always agree? How do they resolve issues?

16 Human/Environmental Interaction
Flood of 1994 in Macon Hurricanes in Florida, Louisiana Chemical Plants in Ft. Valley May 2008 Tornadoes in Macon

17 Human/Environmental Interaction
Enduring Understanding: The students will understand that humans, their societies, and their environment affect each other

18 Human/Environmental Interaction
How can you affect your environment at school in a good way? What are the affects of leaving trash at break? What may happen if pollution continues to deplete the ozone? How are people affected by their environment?

19 Pollution Video – double click below

20 Macon Tornado – May 2008

21 Human/Environmental Interaction
How do you think the Macon Tornado affected people in this city? Do you know anyone who was affected?


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