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Unit 1 Connecting Themes Used in 6th Grade Social Studies

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1 Unit 1 Connecting Themes Used in 6th Grade Social Studies
Lesson 2

2 What are going to do today?
Opening Last 4 themes Whole class discussion (defining the themes) Work Session Small group rotation (discussing the themes) How do the themes relate to you? (group response) Making it personal Closing Share your work – support each other

3 Today’s Themes Production, Distribution, & Consumption Location
Time, Continuity, & Change Movement & Migration

4 Location Location affects a society’s economy, culture and development. Yeah, dude! Since I live on the coast, I’m spending every day at the beach.

5 You have 10 minutes to work
Team Work! What affects how your family makes or earns income. Contrast your lifestyle depending on where in Georgia you live to another location. How might location affect the economy, culture, and development where you live? Choose your role. You have 10 minutes to work

6 Movement & Migration Movement or migration of people and ideas affects all societies.

7 10 minutes of team work What causes families to move?
What causes large groups of people to move? What are the positive / negative consequences of moving? How can society be affected by people movin gfrom place to place?

8 Production, Distribution, & Consumption
Production, distribution, & consumption of goods/services produced by the society are affected by the location, customs, beliefs, and laws of the society.

9 Team Work What are the components of an economy?
What influences an economy? How are items that you buy produced, distributed, and consumed? How is the economy of our area affected by location, customs, beliefs, and laws?

10 Time, Change, & Continuity
While change occurs over time, there is continuity to the basic structure of that society. Over time, homework may have changed … but the excuses have remained the same.

11 Team Work … What in your life has changed but remained the same?
How can a society change but basic components remain the same over a period of time? Why might a society remain the same even if there is change over time?

12 Summarizer Select ONE writing prompt and explain …
How location relates to my life How movement and migration relates to my life How production, distribution, and consumption relates to my life How time, continuity, and change relates to my life.

13 Keep up the good work! That’s two days of some awesome team work!
Enrichment options: Check out LiveBinders for links to videos Post responses to more writing prompts on KidBlog Talk about our lessons with others and post about it on Edmodo.

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