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The 5 Strands of Social Studies

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1 The 5 Strands of Social Studies
by: B. Lewis

2 Geography History Culture Economics Government
What is Social Studies?? Geography History Culture Economics Government

3 Geography 1. The study of the people and places on the Earth, and the Earth’s environment. 2. The way an area looks, especially on the surface of the Earth.

4 History A record or description of the past, usually focusing on a specific time or area of the world.

5 Culture The beliefs, customs, laws, art, and ways of living that a group of people share.

6 Examples of Culture: How does a group of people: Communicate,
Develop architecture and art, Build or choose their homes, Grow or find food, Invent or discover things, Practice religion & celebrate holidays, Use an economic system, Govern themselves Tell stories about their past? These things make a culture of people!

7 Economics Study of the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services. When we use the word, “economy” we are referring to how many people are employed, what and how many products do we make and sell, how well do we provide for the needs of our citizens, etc. These are examples of “indicators” of a good or poor economy. economist

8 Government The body of persons that makes up the governing authority over a political unit or organization. The people who are in charge of making the rules and managing the country or other area.

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