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7 th Grade Connecting Themes Enduring Understandings.

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1 7 th Grade Connecting Themes Enduring Understandings

2 7 th Grade Conflict & Change Culture Governance Human Environmental Interaction Movement/ Migration Production, Distribution, Consumption Location Time, Change, Continuity

3 SS Examples: Civil War - slavery ended September 11 th - security increased Personal Examples: Fight with friend - no longer friends argument with parent over curfew - later curfew (maybe)

4 Time, Change, Continuity While change occurs over time, there is continuity to the basic structure of a society.

5 Social Studies Examples: Taxes – You always have to pay them, but the amount changes. President – We always have one, but who it is changes. Personal Examples: School- You will always have to go (up to a certain age), but the work, building, and teachers change. Your personality may stay the same, but you will physically change.

6 Governance As a society increases in complexity and interacts with other societies, the complexity of the government also increases.

7 Social Studies Examples: America in 1776 vs. America now Personal Examples: Little league vs. Major League baseball Your little brother/sister vs. You

8 Production, Distribution, Consumption The production, distribution, and consumption of goods/services produced by the society are affected by the location, customs, beliefs, and laws of the society.

9 Social Studies Examples Climate affects the food and clothing that is sold. Muslim Culture – no alcohol, no “American” clothing Jewish Culture – No pork is consumed. Personal Examples: You choose to be a vegetarian; you don’t buy meat. You choose not to wear animal fur; you don’t buy it.

10 Human Environmental Interaction Humans, their society, and the environment affect each other.

11 Social Studies Examples: air pollution acid rain destruction of rainforest Personal Examples: recycling planting trees

12 Location Location affects a society’s economy, culture, and development.

13 Social Studies Examples : Hispanic culture is prevalent in Florida. Many Italians live in New Jersey. Chinatown is in San Franscisco. Personal Examples: No snow ski stores in South Georgia We eat a lot of seafood along the coast.

14 Culture The culture of a society is the product of the religion, beliefs, customs, traditions, and government of that society.

15 Social Studies Examples: Religion, food, art, music, clothing, language, literature Personal Examples: Celebration of the 4 th of July Christmas Eve Mass

16 Movement/ Migration The movement or migration of people and ideas affects all societies involved.

17 Social Studies Examples: Trail of Tears, slaves coming to America, explorers Personal Examples: Social Studies Examples: Trail of Tears Slaves coming to America Explorers Personal Examples: Moving from CT to FL Text messages, e-mails, internet, etc.

18 Conflict & Change When there is conflict between or within societies, change is the result.

19 Taken from DOE Website and edited

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