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Unit One: Connecting Themes Used in Georgia Studies.

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1 Unit One: Connecting Themes Used in Georgia Studies

2 Bellringer questions Respond to each question and record it can a sheet of paper: 1.Are conflicts and disagreements between individuals always wrong? 2.How did and from whom did our national government receive its’ power and authority from? 3.Why do we pay a lot of taxes to our local, state, and federal government? 4.How do teenagers in New York or Los Angeles live differently than those in Macon? Why?

3 In this unit, we will introduce ourselves to the new themes which will be featured prominently throughout our course in Georgia Studies 1.Location 2. Conflict and Change 3. Movement/Migration 4. Individuals, Groups and Institutions 5. Rule of Law 6. Distribution of Power 7.Technological Innovation 8.Production, Consumption, and Distribution

4 #1 Location... Location affects a society’s economy, culture, and development.


6 On the handout given by the teacher, define “Your Life in Macon” ** (i.e. how people dress, houses, foods, activities during free time, weather, religion, etc.) **try using drawings and images in place of words **outside of largest circle write what part you think are unique (special) to Macon (or Georgia). **How would your lifestyle change if Macon was 20 degrees colder?

7 Bell Ringer for 8/5/14 1.Take out your Circle Map about “Your Life in Macon.” I will collect them up! 2.Write a response the these questions (do not have to write question) Is conflict always a bad thing? How does your class change when a new student moves in?

8 #2 Conflict and Change... When there is conflict between or within societies, change is the result

9 Essential Question for Conflict and Change Answer the Bell ringer qustion. How might conflict among family members result in change for that family?

10 #3 Movement/Migration... The movement or migration of people and ideas affects all societies involved.

11 Essential Questions for Movement/Migration 1.How does your class change when a new student moves in? 2.Have you had any personal experiences with individuals from a different part of the state, region of the country, or from another culture?


13 From pages 174 to 175 in textbook, students will read “The Meeting of Different Worlds,” and analyze the cause and effects of the fatal contact of Europeans and Native Americans.

14 #4 Individuals, Groups, and Institutions... The actions of individuals, groups, and/or institutions affect society through intended and unintended consequences.

15 Essential Questions for Individuals, Groups, and Institutions 1.How might the actions of a few students (positive or negative) bring consequences for an entire class? 2.Who has inspired you in your life? Who do you look up to? Who is your hero?


17 In the center of the Bubble Map, either write the person name that you admire or draw a picture of the individual. **In the outer bubbles use adjectives to describe this person **Write out two sentences and use at least one adjective in each one.

18 Bell Ringer for 8/6/14 1.If you have not yet turned in your Bubble Map on “Who You Most Admire,” please take it out ready to be turned in. 2. Write a response to questions: In any sport, why is it a good idea to write down all the rules? Why is the power structure at your school set up the way it is?

19 #5 Rule of Law... In a democracy, rule of law influences the behavior of citizens, establishes procedures for making policies, and limits the power of government.

20 Essential Questions for Rule of Law 1.What prevents authority figures from abusing their power? 2. Why should you (or shouldn’t you) have all laws and rules written down in an official document?

21 #6 Distribution of Power... the distribution of power in government is a product of existing documents and laws combined with contemporary value and beliefs.

22 Essential Question for Distribution of Power 1.Why is the power structure at your school set up the way it is? 2.How is power divided in your family?


24 In the Tree Map, classify how power and responsibilities are distributed in your family or who ever lives in your household. Include all family members and mention their normal duties, roles, and/or chores. From the information, develop a conclusion and write a couple sentences related to it (i.e. _______has too much power. _______ does all the chores, while _______ does nothing)

25 #7 Technological Innovation... Technological innovations have consequences, both intended and unintended, for a society.

26 #8 Production, Distribution, and Consumption... The production, distribution, and consumption of goods/services prudced by the society are affected by the location, customs, beliefs, and laws of the society.

27 Essential questions for Production, Distribution, and Consumption 1.Who decides the price of shoes? Gas? IPods, Blackberries, or Smart phones? 2.What effects did the recent recession had (or still does) on people in Macon?

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