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Energy Resources.

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1 Energy Resources

2 Fossil Fuels Fossil Fuel- a nonrenewable energy source formed from remains that lived long ago Types of fossil fuels Petroleum (also known as oil) Natural Gas Coal

3 Fossil Fuels How do they form?
Petroleum and natural gas- form from remains of microscopic sea organisms and settle on ocean floor. Takes millions of years Coal formation- pressure and heat cause changes in the remainder of swamp plants. First it is peat, then hear and pressure are applied and carbon content increases

4 Fossil Fuels Problems with fossil fuels
Coal mining-creates environmental problems, coal mines could collapse Acid precipitation-precipitation such as rain, snow, or sleet with a high acid concentration because of pollution against atmosphere. Smog- haze that forms when sunlight acts on industrial pollutants

5 Alternative Resources
Nuclear Energy- energy released by a fission or fusion reaction Fission- process where nuclei of radioactive atoms are split into two or more Fusion- joining of two or more nuclei

6 Alternative Resources
Chemical Energy- released when a chemical compound reacts to produce new compounds Solar Energy- received by the earth from the sun in form of radiation Wind power- use of a windmill to drive an electric generator Hydroelectric energy- electrical energy produced by falling water

7 Alternative Resources
Biomass- organic matter that can be a source of energy Gasohol- a mixture of gasoline and alcohol that is used as a fuel Geothermal energy- produced by heat within the earth


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