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Energy Resources Nonrenewable.

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1 Energy Resources Nonrenewable

2 Bellringer Identify the following as a renewable or nonrenewable resource. 1. sunlight 2. coal 3. wind

3 Nonrenewable resource
Cannot be replaced or are replaced much more slowly than they are used.

4 Fossil Fuels A nonrenewable resource.
Def. Energy resource formed from the remains of organisms that lived long ago.

5 Types of Fossil fuels Coal – most coal used in the US is burned to produce steam to run electric generators. Petroleum – gasoline, kerosene, wax, and petrochemicals come from petroleum. Finding alternative energy resources will become more important in years to come. Natural Gas - is used in heating systems, stoves, ovens, and vehicles. Has the lower emission levels when burned.

6 Coal Used in USA Heating Coal used in the making of steel
Electric power Industrial uses Coal exports

7 Electrical Energy from fossil fuels
Generates from burning fossil fuels. Electrical generators convert the chemical energy in fossil fuels into electrical energy.

8 Converting Fossil Fuels into Electrical Energy
Water is pumped into a boiler. Coal, oil, or natural gas in burned in a combustion chamber. The chemical energy of the fossil fuels is converted into thermal energy. Thermal energy is used to boil water and turn it to steam. Thermal energy is converted into kinetic energy as the steam pushes against the blades of the turbine. An electric generator converts kinetic energy into electrical energy. The electrical energy can be distributed to a community through electrical wires.

9 Other examples of Nonrenewable Resource
All elements on the Periodic Table.

10 Nonrenewable Resources Types
Generates electrical energy from fossil fuels. Fossil fuels – chemical energy in fossil fuels is changed into the electrical energy that you use everyday. (Electric generators)

11 Nonrenewable Resources Types
2. Nuclear Energy - generates thermal energy that boils water to make steam. - Kinetic energy into electrical energy. *** The fuels used in nuclear power plants differ from fossil fuels. **

12 Nuclear Energy cont. Nuclear energy is generated from radioactive elements – such as uranium. Nuclear fission – the nucleus of uranium atom splits into 2 smaller nuclei, which releases nuclear energy. The supply of these elements is limited.

13 Renewable Resources Def. – are naturally replaced more quickly than they are used. Ex: Solar energy and wind energy are limitless.

14 Renewable Resources Types
Solar energy – (Roof of homes) Sunlight can be changed into electrical energy through solar cells. Solar panels can be used to heat as well.

15 Renewable Resources Types
2. Energy from Water – - Potential energy of water in a reservoir can be changed into kinetic energy as the water flows through a dam which is called a hydroelectric dam.

16 Energy from water cont…
How it works: Falling water turns turbines in the dam. The turbines are connected to a generator that changes kinetic energy into electric energy.

17 Renewable Resources Types
3. Wind Energy – - Wind is caused by the sun’s heating of Earth’s surface. - Earth’s surface is not heated evenly, wind is created.

18 Wind Energy cont…. How it works –
Wind turbines changes the kinetic energy of the air into electric energy by turning a generator.

19 Renewable Resources Types
4. Geothermal Energy Def : Thermal energy caused by heating of Earth’s crust.

20 Geothermal Energy cont….
How it works: Some geothermal power plants pump water underground next to hot rock. The water returns to the surface as steam, which can then turn the turbine of a generator.

21 Renewable Resources Types
5. Biomass – Def: Organic matter, such as plants, wood, and waste, that can be burned to release energy.

22 Biomass cont…. Plants use and store energy from the sun, which is called photosynthesis. Wood burned to generate electric energy.

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