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Washington’s Farewell Address Delivered on September 17, 1796.

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1 Washington’s Farewell Address Delivered on September 17, 1796

2 Library of Congress: George Washington Papers

3 Page 12

4 I Have a Better Idea…




8 Washington’s Warnings What two things did President Washington want us to avoid in the future? – The creation of political factions – The use of unnecessary foreign alliances, or the use of “temporary alliances for extraordinary purposes”

9 Guess What??? Our increased trade led to close political alliances In turn, these circumstances led to being drawn into the War of 1812

10 Guess What??? We have political parties anyway Even Washington said the spirit of the party is inseparable from human nature The spirit of the party is an unfortunate part of every government, whether it plays a large role or a small one

11 Our First Party System Federalists vs. Republicans

12 Federalists Led by Alexander Hamilton Wanted a strong national government Supported by merchants, manufacturers and some planters Supporters were mostly in the North

13 Democratic Republicans Republicans for short Led by Thomas Jefferson Supported by small farmers artisans and some wealthy planters More southern

14 Federalists vs. Republicans

15 The Election of 1796 Federalists vs. Republicans

16 Election of 1796 Federalists backed Vice President John Adams for President They also backed Thomas Pinckney for Vice President Republicans backed Thomas Jefferson for President Aaron Burr was their hopeful for Vice President

17 Election of 1796 Under the Electoral College procedure in the Constitution, the candidate with the most electoral votes was president The runner-up was made vice president How is that different from today???

18 Election of 1796 So, technically… –A–A Republican could be elected President and have a Federalist Vice President –O–Or, the other way around

19 The Election of 1796 Where the unlikely can happen, it does Federalist candidate John Adams received the most votes, therefore becoming President Republican Thomas Jefferson received the second-highest number of electoral votes, therefore becoming Vice President

20 Possible Problems? Having the President and Vice President from opposing parties further increased political tensions

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