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Section 3 The Federalists in Charge

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1 Section 3 The Federalists in Charge
Chapter 9 Section 3 The Federalists in Charge

2 Washington Retires Washington retired after serving 2 terms (8 years) in office. It was his decision to retire. John Adams was elected president in He was a Federalist. Thomas Jefferson became vice-president….he was a Democratic Republican.


4 Election of 1796 Adams received 71 electoral votes and Jefferson received 68 votes. The Constitution stated that the runner-up will be the vice-president. We now had a president and a vice-president from 2 different political parties. >>>Would that work today???

5 President John Adams: Federalist Party
Vice-President Thomas Jefferson: Democratic-Republican Party

6 Adams was the first president to live in the White House.
Mrs. Adams hanging laundry in the White House. Adams was the first president to live in the White House.


8 The White House in about 1900.




12 Terms and Names Foreign Policy: relations with governments of other countries. XYZ Affair: French agents tired to blackmail and bride U.S. officials

13 Political Parties Political Party: a group of people that tries to promote its ideas and influence government. It backs candidates for office. Today we have the Democratic Party, the Republican Party, the Independent Party, the Green Party, etc…..


15 The First Political Parties
Democratic-Republican Party Jefferson and Madison Limited National Government Strict Construction Supporters were farmers and workers Federalist Party Hamilton Strong National Government Loose Construction Supporters were lawyers, merchants, manufacturers

16 Terms and Names Alien and Sedition Acts: targeted aliens (immigrants who are not yet citizens) for the country’s problems. They were arrested, outlawed from saying harmful things about the government, and their citizenship was delayed. States’ Rights: states had rights that the federal government could not violate.

17 Using Graphics Alien and Sedition Acts
Increased time to become a U.S. citizen Targeted Aliens Alien and Sedition Acts Stopped freedom of speech President can arrest disloyal aliens

18 Main Ideas A. Washington warned against political parties and he urged the county to remain neutral. >>>Did the country follow his advice? B. Political parties came about due to disagreements over how to run the country, and differences over how to interpret the Constitution.

19 Main Ideas C. Congress passed the Alien and Sedition Acts of silence people who criticized the government. Kentucky and Virginia argued that the acts were against the Constitution. >>>What do you think?

20 Critical Thinking What do you think of Washington’s advice about political parties? Are different political parties good or bad for the country?

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