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Faculty Webpage Design Minimum Requirements. Go to: then High School

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1 Faculty Webpage Design Minimum Requirements

2 Go to: then High School

3 Getting into Classroom Pages Select: Academics Classroom Pages

4 Departments Find your area.

5 Classroom Pages Find your name with the subjects you teach. Open one. If you are not listed contact C.Campbell.

6 Your Classroom Page This is what you will start with.

7 Log In Move down to the left. Left click username Type your username Left click password Type your password Hit Login Here

8 Add Class Description You will select Add Class Description

9 Adding Class Description Type the description of your class. Hit Add Description

10 Add Picture You need a saved digital picture on your computer. See C. Campbell if you would like a new picture. He has a few saved from Whitson’s Video. Select Add Class Picture

11 Adding Picture Select Browse Go to the directory where your picture is saved. Double click the picture file that you want in add. Hit Add Picture. 1st 2nd

12 Adding Picture Did the picture show up? If not check the size of the picture. You can’t use any picture file over 10 MB. Try a different picture or see Mr. C if the picture still won’t load.

13 Making Class Announcements You may add any information that your students need to know in this location. Click Add Announcement.

14 Adding Class Announcements 1 st Give a Title to your announcement. 2 nd Type your announcement. 3 rd Add a picture. ( This step is not required, but you may add another picture.) 4 th Hit Add Announcement. 1st 2nd 3rd 4th

15 Adding Class Announcements The announcement should have been added. The additional picture should be there too. This is a good place to keep your students & parents informed as to what you are doing in class.

16 Creating Links Select Create Link.

17 Creating Links You will get a screen that looks like this. In the URL box type or paste the complete web address. Be sure to include http:// then www. See example under the URL box. Then hit Create Link.

18 Creating Links Test your link. Did it take you to the website that you wanted? If not check to make sure you typed in the exact characters & case of the web address. Try again.

19 Contact Information To add contact information you will have to Update Class Configuration Select this phrase.

20 Adding Contact Information You can make many changes to the appearance of your pages here. At this time we are only going to turn On the Contacts.

21 Adding Contact Information Click the little pencil to edit contacts. A new screen will appear.

22 Adding Contact Information Change the option from No contacts to Only teachers can create contacts. You do this by clicking the middle box. Now hit box below. Click here to edit the contacts setting 1st 2nd

23 Adding Contact Information Now go Back to class home by selecting this phrase. 1st 2nd

24 Adding Contact Information Now you can add your personal contact information. Click Add Contact.

25 Adding Contact Information You only need to give First Name, Last Name, Business Phone (school), and school Email.

26 Adding Contact Information Like this example Then hit Click here to add contact

27 Adding Contact Information Now your contact information should appear. Test it by sending yourself an email message.

28 Creating Homework Posting homework on your webpage is not a minimum requirement at this time. If you want to skip ahead, move to Class Files. If you would like to try to add an assignment, look for Class Homework.

29 Creating Homework Under Class Homework select Add Assignment.

30 Creating Homework Add the Assignment Name in the top box. Type the description in the larger box. Adjust the due date by clicking on the date box. Hit Add Assignment located at the bottom.

31 Creating Homework If you need to change the assignment, select Edit. Due dates are a common change that you may need to make.

32 Creating Homework Make your changes. Hit Edit Assignment.

33 Creating Homework Once the due date has passed you will automatically have a new folder created called: Previous Class Homework To access this section click on View Previous “Class Homework”

34 Deleting Old Homework To delete old homework… Click on View Previous “Section Homework”

35 Deleting Old Homework Select Delete Assignment. Be sure that you are deleting assignments from Previous Class Homework.

36 Adding Class Files Class Files can be used as a storage area for any kind of document useful for you and your students. Suggestions: – Class Rules – Syllabus or Outline – Grading Scale You can keep files from Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, PDF files & Pictures. Click Add File

37 Adding Class Files Select the Browse box.

38 Adding Class Files Now find the file that you want to display on your page. Select it. Hit Open.

39 Adding Class Files Give a description of what the file contains. Hit Add File.

40 Adding Class Files You should now see the new file added. If you want to delete any of the files, select Delete File next to the one you want to delete.

41 Adding Class Files If you make changes to any of these files and you want the new changes to appear, use the Overwrite option. You are the only one who can modify the original version of these files.

42 Adding Class Files If you have paper documents that you want to publish on your webpage you will need to create a PDF document. High School Teachers can do this with the copier in the lounge. 1981 Classroom Rules 1.No Gum 2.No Running 3.No Dancing 4.No Fun

43 Adding Class Files Mr. Perry has created instructions for using the copy machine to create a PDF document from our copier. Follow the steps on the next slide.


45 Adding Class Files From that Email, save the attached PDF file where you normally save files on your computer. Follow the steps for adding Class Files (slide 36).

46 Conclusion Look at other teacher’s WebPages. Try doing something new whenever you have free time. Go to the Middle School site. Tami Vest has created several additional PowerPoint Presentations to help you.

47 Conclusion Go to Help In Using School Fusion.

48 Conclusion Here is where you can find additional help.

49 Conclusion If you use it … So will our community.

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