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Human Geography for Teachers: GCU673 Arizona State University Valerie Mervine.

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1 Human Geography for Teachers: GCU673 Arizona State University Valerie Mervine

2 Course Parameters 1.Examine the GCU673 syllabus carefully. 2.Listen to the PowerPoint Presentations in the 7 units 3.Choose the information that is important to your coursework and lesson plans and that interests you. 4. The information in your assignments must come from different units. 5. There are 3 REQUIRED formats for 3 lessons. The other 3 assignments can be completed in the format of YOUR choosing. 6. Complete the assignment and email it to me.

3 1. Examine the syllabus

4 2. Listen to the PPT Presentations in the 7 units of the course.

5 3. Choose the information that you think you can integrate into your subject lessons.

6 Before you go further, watch this!

7 There are 3 assignments that are required and based on technology: 1.Creating a class website with a blog using: 2.Creating a glog (a poster online) 3. Creating a comic book (actually 2 strips) using:

8 Required Assignment 1: Creating a class website with a blog element by logging in to

9 Required Assignment 1: Creating a class website with a blog element by logging in to

10 Choose Option A

11 Choose “Paragraph with Title” and drag it down to the page. Follow the directions, click and type. Give an introduction.

12 Click on “Design” and wait for it to load, then you will see the options on the top bar. Choose one for you website template.

13 I chose a template from the choices and then clicked on both text sections on the lower part of the page and typed in my own text. When you click on the text a tool bar will appear right below the design templates so you can change font style, size and color. On the left, there are more design options and more templates to choose from. Also, notice the blue bar with the arrow to the left of the templates. Just click on this and more will appear across the top.

14 For your second page click on the “Pages” tab on the top toolbar. Click on the Paragraph with Title box and then type in your 3 questions in the top section. Remember that you must choose one unit to be the theme for this assignment. Put the answers to your 3 questions in the second text area. Then insert the “Assignment Form” box and enter your name like I explain in the text, then enter my email address. Then make sure that you also type the questions and answers in a word document. Browse for that document and then hit submit assignment. This should come to me.

15 Your third page is your page to add in a Youtube video that is appropriate for your grade level and is connected to the unit you chose. You simply drag the icon into the screen, then add the URL of the video you want to embed. Then drag down a photo gallery icon and add a picture. You can discuss the picture(s) you chose and video in the text box that you drag down. This is in the “Basic” tab to the left.

16 How to create new pages or blogs

17 On this blog you will give it a title and for purposes of the content of the assignment, you will write an analysis of a concept and discuss examples. I write about this in the paragraph below. If you have trouble reading it just pull the edges to make the words larger.

18 On the bottom of the start page you will find a student list. Please add several students, as you can see I made mine up, just so you can practice adding in your class. When you add in their first and last name the site will give a username. I put in the same password every time for all the students.

19 Click on “Publish Live” and your students will have access and can start adding comments. You then have to click on the “Publish” button and the Congrats message will appear. Now you have a Class Website you can use for delivering information, for students to upload assignments and to use as a blog as well. Have fun experimenting! If you are a teacher who already has a wiki or blog just humor me and create this one. There might be some element you prefer.

20 Let’s Review! Create the class website and blog. Humor me and pretend it is for your class and subject. If you are a pre-service teacher choose the subject you are training to teach. Make sure you have the following when finished: a. a home page with a template, a title, and the text area with information about your class. b. a second page called “homework assignment” This page will have the “paragraph with a title” template pulled down which contains information about the homework assignment and your 3 questions that relate to your content you chose for this unit assignment. It will also have the template called “assignment form” pulled down. Fill this out like the student would fill it out to send to you for homework. c. a third page will have a picture, a video, and the template “paragraph with a title” pulled down to discuss the paragraph and a picture. d. a fourth page is actually your blog with your analysis of a geographic concept with examples from the unit you chose e. you must also have students added into the site with passwords. f. Now that you are finished, send me your user/domain name URL and password so I can grade your Weebly site.

21 2. Required Assignment 2: Creating an online poster

22 Once you create a log—in, you will come to this page. The bottom gives you info links about creating an educator account. Click on “Create a new glog.”

23 This is what your glog will look like before you work your magic.

24 Put a new type of background onto your glog.

25 Put a text box onto your glog and put some text in to explain something on your glog.

26 What to do if you want to delete something. You can also click on something to drag it around the page.

27 To put a picture on your glog, you click on “images” in the menu to the left, then you click on upload if you want to use a picture of your own, one you saved, or click on “link” if you want to find one online. Once it is in your collection, you then click on it and it moves into the right position, then click on “Use it” It will then be on your glog an you can then click on “add a frame” to put a cool frame around your picture.

28 Put a graphic or two on your glog.

29 Add a video onto your glog that relates to the topic that you have chosen. This is a Youtube video on Lewis and Clarke that I used for a glog about North Dakota. It was a physical geography glog. You can put a frame around the video as well.

30 So let’s review for the glog: 1. Put a new background “wall” on your glog 2. Be sure to add a text box and write information about your topic 3. Add a picture and a frame 4. Put in a video from online 5. Add a graphic or two 6. MAKE sure your glog has a topic that has to do with a geographic concept or story from one unit.

31 Required assignment #3. Create a comic strip





36 After you create one comic you will click on “next” and you can either email me the strip or put it in a word doc (copy and paste) until you have the appropriate number of comic strips. The minimum is 2 but if you get carried away you can create more to produce your story.

37 Let’s Review your requirements for this class: Required Assignments

38 Your optional assignments: 3

39 More optional assignments DON’T forget to do your FOUR journal reviews for this course. It is imperative that you make a decision about your focus early so that you can choose journals that relate.

40 Enjoy this class. I love it, I want you to love it as well. If you have ANY problems, please email me immediately!! I am here to help you. REMEMBER GEOGRAPHY IS EVERYTHING!

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