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Creating Your Own Website

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1 Creating Your Own Website
By Kathy Walz 3rd Grade teacher Stringtown Elementary School

2 Questions you might be thinking
Is it expensive? Is it time consuming? Do I have the tech savvy? Will it benefit me and my students? What crazy things do I have to do to create my own web site?

3 I know what you are thinking!

4 Okay, what’s up? What do I have to do?
By creating your website with Weebly, you don’t need: Special software A web host for your domain File transfer host Special permissions Advertising to stay alive Voted one of Time Magazine’s 50 Best Websites

5 Remember: Keep it very simple at first!
Start with a simple format and add elements little by little as you get more comfortable with it. You don’t have to be a tech genius to create your own website Your web site can save you paper and time. (students can view the lesson or download the homework/files) Update at anytime from anywhere

6 Two Forms of Weebly (Weebly and Education Weebly)
They are exactly the same, except Education Weebly gives your students the opportunity to design their own web page under your supervision. Weebly allows you to create a class website plus 40 student sites! Weebly allows you to create a class website

7 Weebly for Teachers Easily create a classroom website & blog
Manage your students’ acounts Accept homework assignment online Keep your parents up to date Upload your Syllabus Post Art Work Add Links from the internet Upload your powerpoints Put instructional videos in your website Give information to your community Much more

8 Weebly for Students Upload student art work Blog
Create writing assignments It’s easy Upload a movie, poetry, slide shows, etc. Students can be creative and unique

9 What Can Teachers Put In Their Web Site
Blogs Links Homework documents PowerPoint presentations Web Quests Podcasts Maps (Google, etc.) Videos Photos Class Schedule Calendars Animation Clipart

10 Things to Remember: Adding Text
Weebly does not have a spelling and grammar check, so when you are planning on putting text into your website, it is best to type it in a Word program first. Then copy & paste your information into your site. Weebly does however, underline a word that it thinks is misspelled.

11 To get started, all you need to do is put in a user name, password and an email address



14 Now it’s time for the FUN!
Get Creative!!!!

15 Choose your theme!

16 Things to consider…… Do you want a header image?
Do you want a half header image? Don’t fret, changing your theme is very easy, so just pick one you like for now and change it later.

17 The BUILD tab at the top enables you to add content to your page.
Simply drag-and-drop each element you want to add to a page

18 Once you added element to the page, click to edit
Once you added element to the page, click to edit. Type in the titles and paragraphs, and click the image box to upload an image you would like to include.

19 Use the Publish button frequently to update your changes!
Saving is automatic otherwise

20 You can use the custom HTML element to enter your own HTML code
Just drop and drag it on your website to add a video, avatar or widget.

21 To Add Another Page Click on the Pages Tab at the top of the page

22 Click on Add Page, Name the page, and choose the layout

23 This page also allows you to put your pages/menu in the order you want
This page also allows you to put your pages/menu in the order you want. The pages shifted over to the right are part of a drop-down menu. The way your menu appears is dictated by your theme choice.


25 Add a Video? Just click on the media section of the elements and put in your URL

26 SLIDESHOW Drop and drag the slideshow element onto your page. Drag and drop the pictures you want in the slideshow.

27 Map Drag and drop the map element on your page. Put in the address and the map will appear

28 Add an Avatar Sign up to Voki for a free avatar account
Copy the embedded code from Voki and past into your HTML Weebly element.

29 Add a PowerPoint Slideshare is a free PowerPoint web site that allows you to download your presentations. Embed your PowerPoint into your Weebly Site using the HTML element OR you can use file element and download your PowerPoint

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