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Human Resource DevelopmentMuhammad Adnan Sarwar 1 Training and Development Human Resource Management.

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1 Human Resource DevelopmentMuhammad Adnan Sarwar 1 Training and Development Human Resource Management

2 Muhammad Adnan Sarwar2 Human Resource Development Training and Development: Definitions Heart of a continuous effort designed to improve employee competency and organizational performance Training – Teaching operational and technical skills to do the job for which an individual is hired Development- Teaching managers and professionals the skills needed for the present and future jobs

3 Muhammad Adnan Sarwar3 Human Resource Development Training As a Process Training is a process by which people improve their knowledge, skills and attitudes and use them to enhance their performance on the job.

4 Muhammad Adnan Sarwar4 Human Resource Development Training definition Planned efforts designed to facilitate the acquisition of relevant skills, Knowledge and attitude by Organizational members.

5 Muhammad Adnan Sarwar5 Human Resource Development Teaching Vs Training Is about educating people, sharing wisdom, making people more knowledgeable. Training: Is about development and application of knowledge, skills and attitudes for achieving specific objectives

6 Muhammad Adnan Sarwar6 Human Resource Development WHY TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT TRAINING helps employees to do their current jobs. DEVELOPMENT help the individual handle future responsibilities.

7 Muhammad Adnan Sarwar7 Human Resource Development Training, Development & Education Training Basic skill enhancement specific to a job or task with immediate or short term application Development Linked to the overall improvement of the employee’s knowledge, skill and attitude and the resultant behaviour over a longer period Education Building the ability of the individual to interpret knowledge. Usually linked to a formal qualification

8 Muhammad Adnan Sarwar8 Human Resource Development The Training & Development Process Determine T&D needs Establish specific objectives Select T&D methods Implement T&D programs Evaluate T&D programs

9 Muhammad Adnan Sarwar9 Human Resource Development Needs Assessment Needs Assessment Needs analysis- Developed by considering the over all organizational requirement, tasks associated with the jobs; and the degree to which skills are present Objectives  Specific  Measurable  Time Targeted

10 Muhammad Adnan Sarwar10 Human Resource Development Training Needs Assessment Learning Principles :Learning Principles Learning Principles are the guidelines to the ways in which people learn most effectively. Participation Repetition Relevance Transference Feedback

11 Muhammad Adnan Sarwar11 Human Resource Development On the Job Training On-the-Job Training (OJT): :On-the-Job Training (OJT): Training a person to learn by actually doing it. Every employee from mailroom clerk to company president, get on-the-job training when he or she joins a firm. Job rotation: To cross-train employees in a variety of jobs, some trainer move a trainee from job to job.

12 Muhammad Adnan Sarwar12 Human Resource Development Methods of Training & Development Programs On-the-Job Training (OJT) Job Rotation Apprenticeship and Coaching Lectures and Video Presentation Training Role Playing & Behavioral Modeling Case Study Simulation

13 Muhammad Adnan Sarwar13 Human Resource Development Evaluation for training effectiveness Evaluation is: the process for collecting, analyzing, and reporting information useful to decision makers in selecting amongst alternatives. the process of determining, to what extent the ( training) objectives are actually being realized. the process of providing feedback to trainers about the effectiveness of their training.

14 Muhammad Adnan Sarwar14 Human Resource Development Evaluating Human Resource Development Participant’s opinions (reaction) Extent of learning (learning) Behavioral change (behavior) Accomplishment of T&D objectives (outcomes or result)

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