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Training Methods Presentation method Hands on method

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1 Training Methods Presentation method Hands on method
Group building method

2 PRESENTATION METHOD -Trainees are passive recipients of info
-Facts, Processes and problem solving methods Lecture Method Standard Lecture Team Teaching Guest Speakers Panels Student Presentations Audio Visual Technique

3 Hands on method -Trainees are actively involved in learning
-its ideal for developing specific skills/understanding how skills & behaviors can be transferred to the job, experiencing all aspects of completing a task On the job training Self directed Learning Apprenticeship

4 T Group/Sensitivity training/laboratary training Business Games
Simulations Case studies Develop high order intellectual skill such as analysis,synthesis and evaluation Process for case development Identify a story Gather information Prepare story outline Decide on administrative issues Prepare case materials T Group/Sensitivity training/laboratary training Business Games Roleplays Behaviour Modelling

5 Group Building Methods
Improve team or group effectiveness Focus on helping teams increase their skills for effective teamwork Involves experiential learning which has four stages Gaining conceptual knowledge Take part in behavioral Simulation Analyze the activity Connect the theory and activity with on the job /real life situation Adventure Learning Team Training Action Learning

6 Adventure Learning Team Training
Focuses on development of Teamwork & Leadership skills through structured activities ,wilderness training,outdoor,drumcircles(toyota),cooking Focuses on self awareness,problrmsolving,conflict management and risk taking Team Training The performance of individuals who work together to achieve a common goal Team Performance Behavior Knowledge Attitude

7 Team Training Objectives
Tools Team Task Analysis Performance Measurement Task Simulation and Exercises Feedback Principles Methods Information – Based Demonstration – Based Video Practice – Based Guided Practice Role Play Strategies Cross Training Coordination Training Team Leader Training Team Training Objectives Content Knowledge Skills Attitudes

8 Cross Training has team members understand and practice each other’s skills so that the members are prepared step in and take place of a member who may temporarily or permanently leave the team Coordination Training instructs the team in how to share information and decision making responsibilities to maximize team performance Team leader Training refers to training that the team manager or facilitator

9 Action Learning Gives teams or work groups an actual problem has them work on solving it and committing to an action plan and then holds accountable for carrying out the plan Used to solve important problems, develop leaders, quickly build high performance teams and transform the organizational culture Problems addressed: how to change the business, better utilize technology, remove barriers between the customer and company, and develop global leaders

10 Computer based training
Cd Rom DVD Laser Disc Interactive Video Online learning BLENDED LEARNING SIMULATIONS Virtual Reality MOBILE TECHNOLOGY INTELLIGENT TUTORING SYSTEMS DISTANCE LEARNING TECHNOLOGIES FOR TRAINING SUPPPORT Expert Systems Groupware Electronic Performance Support systems TECHNOLOGIES FOR TRAINING ADMINISTRATION Interactive Voice Technology Imaging Training s/w application

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