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What is Biodiversity Chapter 10.

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1 What is Biodiversity Chapter 10

2 A World Rich in Biodiversity
Biodiversity- the number and variety of species in a given area. About 1.7 million known species and an estimated 10 million total.

3 A World Rich in Biodiversity
Levels of biodiversity Species diversity- differences between populations within a species, as well as between other species. Ecosystem Diversity- the variety of habitats, communities, and ecological processes. Genetic diversity- the variety of genes contained with in a certain population.

4 Benefits of Biodiversity
Species are connected to ecosystems Life depends on life Keystone species- a species that is critical to the functioning of an ecosystem.

5 Benefits of Biodiversity
Species and population survival Genetic diversity is vital to species survival. Bottleneck effect

6 Benefits of Biodiversity
Medical, industrial, and Agricultural uses ¼ of all drugs are derived from plants and almost all antibiotics come from fungi Some compounds used for industry come from plants and animals All human food comes from living things Crop and livestock production has increased over time due to cross breeding.

7 Benefits to biodiversity
Medicine and food

8 Benefits to Biodiversity
Ethics, Aesthetics, and recreation Some people believe we should maintain biodiversity because all organisms have the right to exist whether or not they have value. Some people value biodiversity for aesthetic or personal enjoyment. ecotourism

9 Biodiversity at Risk Current Extinctions
Extinction- Species totally disappears from a localized area or from the earth. Mass Extinction- extinction of many species in a short period of time. Why do some species go extinct? Small population size Migrate Need for large or specialized habitat Organisms exploited by humans

10 Biodiversity at Risk Current Extinctions
Endangered species- species likely to become extinct if protective measures are not taken Threatened species- likely to become endangered if protective measures are not taken.

11 Biodiversity at Risk

12 Biodiversity at Risk How do humans cause extinctions?
Habitat destruction and fragmentation

13 Biodiversity at Risk How do humans cause extinctions?
Invasive exotic (alien) species Exotic species- a species not native to a region Ex.- kudzu, fire ants Harvesting, hunting, and poaching Pollution

14 Biodiversity at Risk Areas of Critical Biodiversity
Endemic species- species found only in a limited area Tropical Rainforest- 7% of earth’s surface ½ the worlds species Coral Reefs Like rainforest (small area but high biodiversity) Islands Very distinctive species

15 Biodiversity at Risk Biodiversity Hotspots- most threatened areas

16 Future of Biodiversity
Captive Breeding- Breeding species in captivity with the hope of reintroducing the species into its native habitat.

17 The Future of Biodiversity
Preserving Genetic Material Germ plasma- any form of genetic material (i.e. germ cells- egg, sperm, or pollen) Captivity- Zoos, Aquariums, Parks, and Gardens Research- Understanding the needs and requirements of a species helps in maintaining the species.

18 The Future of Biodiversity
Preserving habitats Conservation strategies- Most conservationist focus on preserving whole ecosystems instead of individual species

19 The Future of Biodiversity
Legal Protections U.S. Endangered Species Act- 1973 Threatened and Endangered list produced Illegal to harm species on list Prevents government from carrying out any project that jeopardizes one of the listed species Species recovery plan- habitat conservation plan

20 The Future of Biodiversity
International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN) CITES (Convention of International Trade in Endangered Species)- illegal to trade goods from endangered species Earth Summit Biodiversity Treaty- preserve biodiversity and sustainable use Private Efforts

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