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2 The number of different species in an area.
What is BIODIVERSITY? The number of different species in an area.

3 The Value of Biodiversity
Why is biodiversity important? ECONOMIC VALUE Provide food Raw materials for clothing, medicine and other products Ecotourism is a source of jobs and money

4 The Value of Biodiversity
Why is biodiversity important? ECOLOGICAL VALUE Species depend on each other for food and shelter. Nature is a delicate balance. The well-being of one species effects the well-being on many others. (KEYSTONE SPECIES)

5 Factors Affecting Biodiversity
AREA – Larger areas contain more species than smaller areas. CLIMATE – The number of species increases from the poles toward the equator. NICHE DIVERSITY – An ecosystem that supports many different niches for organisms to live in will have more diversity than an ecosystem that has limited niche space.

6 Biodiversity “Hot Spots”
Coral Reefs 2nd Most Diverse ecosystem in the World. Tropical Rain Forests Most Diverse ecosystem in the World.

7 Gene Pool Diversity Diversity within a species is just as important as diversity within an ecosystem. The organisms in a healthy population have a diversity of traits in appearance and behavior. The organisms in one species share many genes but each organism also has some genes that differ from those of other individuals. Species with a rich “gene pool” are better adapted for survival.

8 Extinction of Species EXTINCTION – Has disappeared from Earth.
ENDANGERED – Could become extinct in the near future. THREATENED – Could become endangered in the near future.

9 earthquake or volcanic eruption
Causes of Extinction NATURAL EVENTS earthquake or volcanic eruption

10 habitat destruction, poaching
Causes of Extinction HUMAN ACTIVITIES habitat destruction, poaching or pollution

11 introduced, invasive or non-native
Causes of Extinction EXOTIC SPECIES introduced, invasive or non-native

12 Protecting Biodiversity
CAPTIVE BREEDING The mating of animals in zoos or wildlife preserves.

13 Protecting Biodiversity
LAWS AND TREATIES Laws protect individual species and treaties protect wildlife and land.

14 Protecting Biodiversity
HABITAT PRESERVATION Protection of whole ecosystems.

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