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Chapter 10 Biodiversity.

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1 Chapter 10 Biodiversity

2 10-1 What is Biodiversity? Short for “biological diversity”
Variety of species in an area Number of species on Earth is unknown Know of 1.7 million (Most are insects) Estimate over 10 million species on Earth 3 Types of Diversity: species, ecosystem, and genetic.

3 10-1 Benefits of Biodiversity
Affects stability of ecosystems and populations All species depend on other species Keystone species: If it leaves, the ecosystem can’t survive Not all species are keystone Genetic diversity increases chances of survival

4 10-1 Benefits of Biodiversity
¼ of drugs are from organisms Food, shelter, clothing, medicine Avoid Famine: Don’t rely on ONE species of crop to feed you Hybrids combine genetic material Ecotourism, pets, culture, aesthetics, religion,

5 10-2 Biodiversity at Risk Extinction is NOT new
Human activity has accelerated it Likely to become extinct: Small population Limited habitat/Specialized habitat Need to migrate Don’t adapt to other habitats

6 10-2 Human Impact Habitat Destruction: Invasive Exotic Species:
Farming, housing, harvest resources, roads Invasive Exotic Species: Not indigenous (native) No natural predators; overtake an ecosystem

7 10-2 Human Impact Harvesting, Hunting, Poaching: Pollution:
Bison (fur), egret (feathers), elephant (ivory), pets, rare wood, herbal medicine Pollution: Pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, cleaning products, trash, medicine We don’t know all of the effects yet

8 10-2 Critical Areas Certain area have more diversity
All are small areas or “Hotspots” Tropical Rainforest – over ½ world’s species Coral Reef/Coastal – travel route for species Islands – evolve “endemic**” species b/c of separation **native/limited area Hotspots are Most Threatened of these areas

9 10-3 Future of Biodiversity
Programs to save species: Captive-Breeding Preserving Genetic Material: Germ plasm banks like in Jurassic Park Zoos, Aquariums, Parks, Gardens

10 10-3 Future of Biodiversity
Programs to save ecosystems: Conservation – ecosystems have complex relationships; save the whole thing instead of one species Laws: Endangered Species Act (List and no harm) Habitat Conservation Plan Biodiversity Treaty

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