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Mrs. Burtons Class Grade 3 Do not limit a child to your own understanding, for he has been born at a different time. Rabbinic Saying.

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1 Mrs. Burtons Class Grade 3 Do not limit a child to your own understanding, for he has been born at a different time. Rabbinic Saying

2 You being here, speaks volumes ! Were off to a great start! No time for Individual conferences this evening. Please ask LOTS of questions as we go!

3 Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences The Burton Beacon Class website Phone: (828) 654-1800 Email: Send notes to school in HW folder and/or planner

4 Every Day: I must have a note or the office must be notified for ALL transportation changes. Early Release/ Snow Days I have your information, but make sure your child knows how theyll get home. It helps them feel better.

5 Lunch Daily 11:15 – 11:45 Join your child! Online payment available If your child brings lunch money to school they are responsible for bringing it to the cafeteria when we go to lunch. Able to charge no more than $7.00. After that, your child will be given a bag lunch.

6 Special Snacks welcome (18 students) but PLEASE let me know ahead of time so we can arrange a time. Drop off in the office or join us! Invitations may NOT be passed out at school. Summer birthdays celebrated at the end of the year (Let me know!)

7 Be here! Be on time! When the final bell rings at 8:00, your child should be in class and ready to start their day! If your child is sick: Take their temperature at home (if 1OO degrees or above, keep them at home) They must be fever free for 24hrs. (without meds.) before returning to school. If they come in saying they dont feel well, I assume you already know. (Its difficult to call during instruction) Sent home for a fever or vomiting Call for a time to pick up make-up work. Please send a note within 3 days of their absence otherwise BCS policy states that the absence will be unexcused.

8 R.A.M. Star Expectations Respectful Accountable Mindful Safe

9 Consequences for positive behavior: Individual tallies = star tags = award tags Class Star Jar Classroom Star Student Recognition at assemblies Snap Cup (compliments) MAKING OTHERS FEEL GOOD AND FEELING GOOD ABOUT YOURSELF!!! Consequences for negative behavior: NATURAL & LOGICAL Verbal corrections and reminders Think sheets and behavior reflections (sent home) Conference with student Behavior concern form sent home Office referral Class Meetings P.B.I.S.

10 Help your child GROW by increasing their independence and giving them more responsibility! Pack their own book bag and snack Bring you their homework and planner to be checked Pace themselves with long term projects and assignments Keep you updated about whats going on in school Ask for help when they need it Its easier and quicker if you do it BUT: They panic when they cant find something. They blame you! INDEPENDENCE & RESPONSIBILITY ARE IMPORTANT LIFE SKILLS!

11 Monday through Thursday Assignments they were not able to complete in class (Fridays included) Reinforcement of class lessons Weekly Goals in planner 30 minutes/ night THEIR THINKING and THEIR WORK Current Events (Once a month) *First one due Sept. 25 th Literature Extensions (one per grading period) *First one due Oct.9 th

12 First year for letter grades! Many scored assignments are not sent home (completed in notebooks or kept in their portfolio for conferences) Scale: 5: A93 – 100 (Outstanding level: Above & Beyond) 4: B85 – 92 (High level: Above Average) 3: C77 – 84 (Grade level: Average) 2: D70 – 76 (Approaching expectations: Keep trying) 1: F0 – 69 (Does not meet expectations: Not there) Students will receive grades in: Reading Writing Math Science Social Studies *ALL grades are based on grade level expectations for third grade. *Grades are EARNED by students rather than given by teachers.

13 Resources Used: Quality Literature: picture books and chapter books Strategies that Work Comprehension Toolkit Guiding Readers and Writers and Continuum of Literacy Learning (Fountes & Pinnell) Still Learning to Read Leveled book sets Reading Street basal (occasionally) Grades Earned by: Reading Conferences and SSR Reading Responses & Reflections Participation Daily Assignments & Activities Readers Notebook Poetry Anthologies Literature Extensions Current Events Reading Instruction: Guided Reading and Literacy Tasks Read Aloud Whole Class Instruction / TDR Book Clubs Self Selected Reading (SSR) Computer Lab Home Reading Comprehension Strategies: Monitoring Comprehension Activate and Connect Ask Questions, Infer Meaning Determine Importance Summarize and Synthesize

14 Resources Used: Writers Workshop (Lucy Calkins) Craft Lessons (Ralph Fletcher) Guiding Readers and Writers and Continuum of Literacy Learning (Fountes & Pinnell) Mentor Texts Words Their Way Grades Earned by: Unassisted Writing Samples County assessments Final Drafts & Published Pieces Writing Process Content Writing Writers Notebook Daily Assignments & Activities Participation Poetry Anthologies Current Events Word Study Tests & assessments Writing Instruction: Whole Class Mini-lessons Independent writing time Teacher and Peer Conferences Sharing Writing Process: Prewriting & Planning, Drafting, Revising, Editing, Conferencing, Publishing Writing Genres: Personal Narratives, Opinion, Informational, Poetry,

15 Resources Used: Math Investigations Grades Earned by: End of Unit Assessments Weekly Assessments Daily Assignments & Activities Participation Daybook tasks *Grades are based on student understanding and their level of thinking. It is much more than getting the right answer. Math Instruction: Whole Class Lessons Games Discussions and Sharing of Thinking Ten Minute Math Group / Buddy Work Problem Solving Computer Lab THIS MATH IS NOT THE WAY YOU GREW UP LEARNING IT! The focus is now on student UNDERSTANDING and the PROCESS of HOW problems are solved! Students need to develop strategies that MAKE SENSE TO THEM! Students are always required to SHOW THEIR THINKING! (An algorithm / equation is not enough)

16 Resources Used: FOSS Kits Glen Arden Garden Text books Eco Team Literature National Geographic Technology and online resources Grades Earned by: Daily Assignments & Activities Daybook Tasks Unit Assessments Current Events Participation Eco Team Journal NC Essential Standards for Science : Forces & Motion Matter, Properties & Change Energy Earth in the Universe Earth Systems, Structures & Processes Structures & Functions of Living Organisms Ecosystems NC Essential Standards for Social Studies : History Economics & Financial Literacy Civics & Governance Culture

17 Read with and to your child everyday. Ask questions and ask them to share their thinking. Practice math in real life situations: cooking, measuring, grocery shopping, counting money and making change, telling time and figuring elapsed time, problem solving, etc. Encourage questions and imagination. Talk to your child about healthy ways to deal with anger, friends, sharing, etc. Ask your child about their day. Give your child responsibilities at home and encourage independence. Make sure they get a good nights rest! Create a writing center or authors studio. Read poetry to and with your child. Communicate with your friendly teacher often. Be an active participant in your childs education!

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