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Welcome Parents! Welcome to third grade. I am glad you are here! Mrs. Summers

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1 Welcome Parents! Welcome to third grade. I am glad you are here! Mrs. Summers

2 Page 2 Daily Schedule 7:55 – 8:15 Morning Work – Math Boxes 8:15 – 9:00 Social Studies/Science 9:00 – 9:15 Recess 9:15 – 10:10 Writing 10:10 – 11:45 Literacy Block 11:45 – 12:30 Lunch/Recess 12:30 – 12:45 Read Aloud 12:45 – 1:45 Math 1:45– 2:30 Specials a=PE; b=TECH; c=Music; d=Library

3 Page 3 Third Grade Homework Folders will go home weekly on either Friday or Monday & need to be returned the following Friday – the due dates will be on the front cover of the homework Reading Log – At least 100 minutes per week – Math 4 Today and Language Arts 4 - Review of third grade curriculum Spelling – Practice per your child’s needs They need to try their best!

4 Page 4 Parent Support Schedule time for homework Provide appropriate environment & materials (let me know if you need some materials) Provide help & positive support as necessary Communicate questions & concerns to the teacher (email is the best: Volunteer (complete the online back ground check first) Remember it is “WE” Together “WE” are stronger!

5 Page 5 Odds and Ends Birthdays – Invitations to all parties must be mailed from home – too many hurt feelings! – No “treats”- school policy Illnesses – If your child is sick, then home and rest are the best Transportation – If your child’s transportation schedule changes from it’s typical routine, please provide a note or email Please be sure to check in at the office each time you come into the school! Fall Conferences will be the week of Halloween Two Field Trips – November 13 th and another in the spring OAKs test – it begins this year!

6 New School Language The Common Core – Rigorous, consistent, & continuity amongst 46 states Learning Targets – Specific content and language standards to be taught Curriculum – District-wide materials and how students are taught New Report Card



9 Page 9 Math Multiplication and Division problems with 100 – With fluency – Variety of strategies – Multi-step word problems Fractions – Express, model, and compare Geometry Measurement and Data – Time (elapsed) – Graphing Beaverton Learning Targets – Everyday Mathematics – Every Day Calendar Investigations Math 4 Today

10 Page 10 Literacy– Reading Students will develop through daily instruction & practice – Comprehension strategies – Fluency – Vocabulary – Robust Vocabulary – Reading to perform task Daily reading will include – Whole group & small group instruction and individual conferences – Individual reading D.E.A.R. – Appropriately leveled trade books – A variety of genres Your help is needed 10:30-11:30 daily

11 Page 11 Language Arts – Writing Three writing forms will be taught: – Opinion Writing Organized structure and thought – Informative/explanatory Writing Facts, details, connections and conclusion statement – Narrative Writing Characters, setting, dialogue, and signal events with a sense of closure – Also, just for fun Poetry and journal writing!

12 Page 12 Language Arts – Handwriting Manuscript and cursive will both be taught and used in third grade Hint: spelling words will come home in cursive in January! Inspire pride in personal work appearance

13 Page 13 Spelling Harcourt’s StoryTown – Weekly phonics and word patterns – Teaches sounds, blends, & rules of spelling Pretest on Monday – words sent home with students Posttest on last day of the week

14 Page 14 Social Studies Participating as a Responsible Citizen in Our Community Goods and Services Young Geographers Neighborhoods and Communities Change Over Time

15 Page 15 Science Energy – Common forms and uses – Sun as a source – Seasonal weather patterns – The Earth as a planet Heredity – Lifecycles of plants and animals Matter – Solids, liquids and Gases – Properties of objects Engineering Design – Design and test a prototype – Carry out an investigation

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