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3 rd Grade Curriculum Night Mrs. Ergle & Mrs. Cato.

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1 3 rd Grade Curriculum Night Mrs. Ergle & Mrs. Cato

2 M e E t O u r third G Ra d E C l a s s : Fall Break Sep. 16 th ! Labor Day Sept. 2

3 Communication Newsletters Emails (please allow up to 24 hours for a response) CES website: Agenda Monday yellow envelope Parent Conferences (Fall & Spring conferences and at parent request)

4 Parent Expectations Please have your child to school on time Read student’s agenda daily Sign behavior sheet daily Sign and return the Monday yellow envelope Please review graded work with your child Please make sure your child has completed homework and is prepared for class Read notes that are sent home Please communicate with the teachers

5 Agendas/Binders Third grade students should bring home their agendas and binders every day. Please check and initial your child’s agenda daily. Please review your child’s agenda daily for assignments and/or important information. All transportation and excuse notes must be written on a separate sheet of paper, not written in the agenda. Please place these notes inside the clear front pocket of the agenda. We send theses notes to the office each day. Behavior for each day will be noted on the monthly behavior sheet in the agenda. Please initial the behavior sheet nightly. Reading logs should be completed by the student and initialed by an adult nightly.

6 Attendance/Tardies As long as students are healthy, they need to be at school. If students are absent, please provide a doctor’s excuse when you can. The tardy bell rings at 7:45. If your student eats breakfast at school, please be sure they are here in time to eat in the cafeteria and arrive in their classroom BEFORE the tardy bell rings.

7 CLASSROOM RULES Respect others, respect yourself and respect your school! Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself! Be safe, be kind and be honest! Follow directions the first time they are given Raise your hand and wait to be called on We have FUN and learn something new day!

8 CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT Daily behavior chart Behavior Bucks S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R.S.

9 DAILY SCHEDULE 7:30-8:00 Morning Work11:55-12:00 Restroom 8:00-8:20 Journal Writing12:00-12:30 Lunch 8:20-9:00 Group 1-Science/Social Studies12:30-12:55 Shared Writing & Reading Group 2-Language Arts12:55 -1:15 Recess 9:00-9:15 Snack/Restroom Break1:20-2:00 Specials (Music, Art, P.E.) 9:15-10:15 Group 1-Reading2:00-2:15 Pack up/Write in agendas/Dismissal Group 2-Math 10:15-11:15 Group 1-Math Group 2-Reading 11:15-11:55 Group 1-Language Arts Group 2-Science/Social Studies

10 Academic Grading A-90-100 B-80-89 C-70-79 D 60-69 F-59 and below Students will be graded on their report cards in the following subject areas: reading, language arts (writing/spelling/grammar), math, social studies, and science. Spelling is now part of the language arts on the progress reports and report cards Online Parent Portal-you can check your child’s grades online. Please go to the office and see Glenda Lanier to signup. Any work recorded in the grade book will have a number/letter grade on the paper. If you see a check or smiley face, then we simply checked the work off as completed. A homework average grade will be recorded in the grade book twice a semester…once at the time of progress reports and once at the end of the semester.

11 Cherokee County Schools follow the GPS Common Core. You may review the standards at the Cherokee County webpage. You may also review the Common Core on the following website. PS.aspx

12 Reading Integrated components of Reading Street by Scott Foresman Chapter Books/Leveled Readers Readers’s Response Journals Differentiation AR Tests Small Groups Strategies for Comprehension Vocabulary Variety of Genres Word Work Readers’s Workshop Homework Nightly Reading Log-Please make sure your child is reading every night. Prepare for Reading Test Projects Assessments Weekly Reading Test Reading Skill Assessments Activities/Projects

13 Writing /Language Arts Writing throughout the curriculm Writing Process Narrative, Informational, and Persuasive Journals Quick Writes Weekly Grammar Concepts Homework Review grammar/writing concepts Practice sheets Writing assignments Assessments Tests, Quizes Activities/Projects Georgia Writing Assessment

14 Spelling The students will receive a weekly spelling list. Spelling words will follow a phonics pattern. Homework Students may choose from a list of spelling activities to help learn the words. Students/parents may choose how many activities to do each week. Some students need repetition throughout the week. Other students may only need to study the words one time. Assessment Test on Friday

15 Important Information Volunteers are always welcome in our classrooms. Please let us know if you would like to volunteer during school hours or at home. Individual birthday snacks are welcome at lunch. We are planning on one off campus field trip this year and a possible in house field trip. Please join PTA!

16 CRCT Criterion Referenced Competency Test The CRCT will be given in April Tests in the areas of : reading, math, language arts, social studies, and science Students have to pass in the area of reading Students must read all sections independently CRCT practice Look for OAS information to come and practice packers

17 Third Grade success is a team effort! Let’s Work Together to Have a Great Year.

18 Questions?

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