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Mrs. White and Miss Bianculli Grade 2

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1 Mrs. White and Miss Bianculli Grade 2
Welcome! *Please be sure to sign in and sign up for a November conference. *While you’re waiting for us to begin, you may write a letter to your child on the paper provided  Mrs. White and Miss Bianculli Grade 2

2 A Little Bit About Us Montclair State Graduate
Centenary College Graduate Certifications: K-5 Elementary Education Special Education

3 Our Daily Schedule Bathroom Water Bottles:
Students may bring a water bottle to school but it will be kept in their backpack.

4 All About Second Grade What will we be learning this year?
Science Seasons Simple Machines Animals and Habitats States of Matter Natural Resources Math Number concepts Place Value Addition Subtraction 2 digit addition 2 digit subtraction Data and Graphs 3 digit addition and subtraction Measurement Geometry Reading and Writing How to become an active reader! How to become an interesting writer! Social Studies Communities The Wild West Map Skills Black History Cultures Around the World Economics

5 Second Grade Themed Units
Unit 1: Seasons Unit 2: The Wild West Unit 3: Animals, Habitats, and Relationships Unit 4: A Long Journey to Freedom Unit 5: Hand-Me-Down Tales from Around the World Unit 6: Economics for Kids

6 Reading and Writing Writing Reading
Please encourage your child to write at home as a fun activity. Ideas: Writing letters Shopping lists Stories Poems Journal/ Diary writing Reading Students are expected to read every day for a sustained period of time in school. It is extremely important to reinforce this at home. Homework: Reading Log (will be due every Friday) Students will have the option of taking one book home a night from their book buddy bag to read. IT MUST BE RETURNED THE NEXT DAY.

7 Math, Science, and Social Studies
GO MATH program -Mini-lesson -Differentiation -Math Centers Integrated Science and Social Studies Our weekly skills are included in “A Peek at our Week” every week. Please reinforce these skills at home with your student. Ideas: Take a “book shopping” trip to the local library to find books that tie in to the topics we are learning about. Simply talk to your child about their learning Create together!

8 Preparing for PARCC Technology, technology, technology!!! A few ideas:
Type a story Type a shopping list Online computer games Online quizzes for kids

9 A Peek at our Week A Peek at our Week is a weekly newsletter that we send home in the beginning of each week. This letter includes pertinent information about our week and what we will be learning. I also upload A Peek at our Week onto our class website every week:

10 Working Around the Room and Differentiated Instruction
Reading Rug Rainbow Rug Mini Rugs The Able Table Teacher’s Group Table- This is where we work with small groups to further students understanding of particular skills or challenge students depending on their individual needs.

11 Enrichment Starting in October, enrichment projects will be offered on a monthly basis. Enrichment projects are highly recommended as they are a great avenue to connect school and home.

12 Rules and Expectations Follow directions the FIRST TIME!!
Consequences Warning Possible Consequences Homework Folder Calendar Recess detention Loss of choice time “Yes I Can” slip Phone call home 3. Disciplinary Referral

13 Caught “Beeing” Kind

14 Homework Homework is given Monday- Thursday each week.
Homework typically consists of Math and Reading **MATH BOOKS MUST BE BROUGHT BACK TO SCHOOL EVERY DAY* There may be times throughout the year when additional assignments/ projects will be given. PLEASE REVIEW ALL PAPERS IN YOUR CHILD’S HOMEWORK FOLDER EACH NIGHT. Policy: We check homework daily. If an assignment is not turned in, it is expected to be turned in by Friday. If it is not, the student will stay inside during recess on Friday to complete the missing assignments. Please help your student (as needed) while they complete their homework. Review assignments with them as they are returned.

15 Grading Math and Other Tests: 22/25
Refer to Standard Based Score Sheet Other Assignments: A rubric will be used or Report Cards: Based on the Common Core Standards

16 Sign and Return Folders
Please review all papers in this folder with your student. Please sign each paper and return it with your child in the designated folder.

17 Extras Scholastic: Dismissal:
Orders should be placed online at www. using our class code: J7XPL If this is not possible you may send the order form along with a check to school. Dismissal: - If dismissal plans change, please send a note or call. Lunch: All lunch money should be sent to school in a baggie or envelope.

18 Birthday Snacks Please let us know one week in advance if you plan to send in a treat to celebrate your child’s birthday. OUR CLASSROOM IS A NUT FREE ZONE

19 Conferences Please be sure that you have signed up for a November conference! Note cards are available for you to write down the date and time that you have chosen. Reminders will be sent home at a closer date.

20 Contacting Us Please feel free to , write a note, or call us regarding any questions or concerns. Phone: ext: 4798

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