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Measurement MassLengthTemperatureVolumeMisc 10 20 30 40.

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2 Measurement

3 MassLengthTemperatureVolumeMisc 10 20 30 40

4 The unit to measure mass is the A.kilogram kilogram B.liter liter C.kiloliter kiloliter 10 points

5 Mass and weight would be different for you on the A.Moon Moon B.Equator Equator C.north pole north polenorth pole 20 Points

6 An instrument to measure mass is the A.Celsius thermometer Celsius thermometerCelsius thermometer B.triple beam balance triple beam balancetriple beam balance C.meter stick meter stickmeter stick 30 Points

7 If the top slider is 30 and the middle slider is 200 and the bottom slider is 4.6what is the mass? A.270.6 grams 270.6 grams270.6 grams B.234.6 234.6 C.234.6 grams 234.6 grams234.6 grams 40 Points

8 The unit to measure length is the A.centimeter centimeter B.meter meter C.kilometer kilometer 10 Points

9 How many millimeters are in two meters? A.1000mm 1000mm B.2,000mm 2,000mm C.200mm 200mm 20 Points

10 The circumference of the apples were measured in what and were they on the X or Y axis on the graphs? A.millimeters and on the X axis millimeters and on the X axismillimeters and on the X axis B.centimeters and on the Y axis centimeters and on the Y axiscentimeters and on the Y axis C.millimeters and on the Y axis millimeters and on the Y axismillimeters and on the Y axis 30 Points

11 Which is larger? Centimeter or Kilometer? A.Kilometer Kilometer B.Centimeter Centimeter C.They measure the same. They measure the same.They measure the same. 40 Points

12 Temperature is measured in A.Celsius or Centigrade degrees Celsius or Centigrade degreesCelsius or Centigrade degrees B.Farenheit degrees Farenheit degreesFarenheit degrees C.Centigrade degrees Centigrade degreesCentigrade degrees 10 Points

13 Temperature measures how fast what are moving? A.air molecules air moleculesair molecules B.soil molecules soil moleculessoil molecules C.water molecules water moleculeswater molecules 20 Points

14 A.31 o C 31 o C31 o C B.39 o C 39 o C39 o C C.25 o C 25 o C25 o C 30 Points Your body temperature is about 98.6 o Farenheit. This is similar to how many degrees Celsius or Centigrade?

15 Water freezes at 0 o C and boils at what temperature Celsius or Centigrade? A.12 degrees 12 degrees12 degrees B.100 degrees 100 degrees100 degrees C.212 degrees 212 degrees212 degrees 40 Points

16 The unit used to measure volume is A.milliliters. milliliters. B.centimeters. centimeters. C.kilometers. kilometers. 10 Points

17 Volume can also be figured by multiplying A.height and width. height and width.height and width. B.length, width, height. length, width, height.length, width, height. C.length and width. length and width.length and width. 20 Points

18 The unit for volume of a milk carton would be A.square millimeters. square millimeters.square millimeters. B.cubic millimeters. cubic millimeters.cubic millimeters. C.millimeters. millimeters. 30 Points

19 The volume of an irregular object can be figured out by subtracting A.and then adding both volumes. and then adding both volumes.and then adding both volumes. B.the volume before from the volume after. the volume before from the volume afterthe volume before from the volume after C.both volumes from the beginning volume. both volumes from the beginning volume.both volumes from the beginning volume. 40 Points

20 The amount of space an object takes up is its A.volume. volume. B.mass. mass. C.length. length. 10 Points

21 The metric system of measurement is based on the number A.10 10 B.100 100 C.4 and 12 4 and 124 and 12 20 Points

22 When you divide an objects mass by its volume you find the ____ A.temperature. temperature. B.passive transport. passive transport.passive transport. C.density. density 30 Points

23 The SI (International System) of time is A.hour. hour. B.minute. minute. C.second. second. 40 Points

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