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Measurement Ch.1.

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1 Measurement Ch.1

2 Systems of Measurement
Different systems used throughout the world English system - what we use Ex: gallon, inches, pound, etc. Metric system - scientists, Europe, other parts of world Ex: kilometer, liter, gram

3 Length Measures distance between 2 points Units: Meter (m)
Kilometer (km) = 1000 meters Centimeter (cm) = 0.01 meters Millimeter (mm) = meters Tools - Ruler, meter stick, measuring tape

4 Length Tools

5 Mass Measures how much matter is in an object Units:
Kilogram (kg) = 1000 grams Gram (g) Milligram (mg) = grams Tools - triple beam balance, electronic balance Density: mass per unit volume of a material Mass/volume

6 Balance for Measuring Mass

7 Volume How much space an object takes up Units: Liter (L)
Milliliter (mL) = Liters Cubic centimeter (cm3) - same as milliliter Tools - Graduated Cylinder, L x W x H

8 Volume Tools Graduated Cylinders L x W x H

9 Temperature Units: Fahrenheit (F) Celsius (C) Kelvin (K)
Tools – Thermometer, temperature probe

10 Converting between SI Units

11 Precision & Accuracy Accuracy = how correct a measurement or # is.
Precision = how close together the #s are Precise, Low Precise & Accurate Accurate, Low Accuracy Precision

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