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The Metric System The scientific system of measurement

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1 The Metric System The scientific system of measurement
The International System of Units (SI) Based on the number 10 and multiples of 10


3 Length Distance between two points
Meter (m) = basic unit of length = 39.4 inches Metric rulers and meter sticks used to measure

4 Meter stick -- 1 meter or 100 cm or 1000 mm long
Metric ruler cm or 300 mm long

5 Volume The amount of space an object takes up
Liter = the basic unit of volume (L) Cubic Centimeter (cc or cm3) – used to measure the volume of solids

6 1 ml = 1 cc = 1 cm3 1000 ml = 1 L

7 Liquid: Measured with graduated cylinder
Meniscus -- the curved surface of a liquid in a graduated cylinder. Read the bottom of the meniscus.

8 Irregular solid: Measure out some water in the cylinder. This is volume 1. Drop the solid into the liquid causing the water level to go up. This is volume 2. Subtract volume 1 from volume 2 to get the volume of the solid.

9 Solid: volume = length x width x height

10 Mass The measure of the amount of matter in an object
Kilogram (kg) = basic unit of mass Measured with balance


12 Density The mass per unit volume of a substance Density = Mass Volume
Density of water = 1 g/mL

13 Objects with density less than 1 g/mL float on water.
Objects with density more than 1 g/mL sink in water.

14 Temperature Celsius scale is usual measurement but SI unit is Kelvin
The Kelvin temperature can be found by adding 273 to the Celsius reading

15 Water freezes at 0oC Water boils at 100oC Body temperature = 37oC Room Temperature = 21oC Temperature is measured with a thermometer

16 Time The interval between two events Measured in seconds

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