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Measurement and Math SI Units Tools and Methods. Accuracy and Precision.

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1 Measurement and Math SI Units Tools and Methods

2 Accuracy and Precision

3 International System of Units (SI Units) Scientists in almost all countries use a common International System of Units so that it is easier for them to share data and results. The SI units are the metric units and they are based on a system of the number 10.

4 Distance The metric base unit for length is meter. – Any unit ending in ‘meter is a measurement of length (ie: centimeter, kilometer)

5 Volume Volume is the amount of space that something occupies. There are different ways to measure – depends on if it is a solid or a liquid. – Solid is measure in cubic meters (m 3 ) – Liquids are measured in liters liters (L)

6 Liquid Volume pour it into a flask, beaker or graduated cylinder and read the level of the top of the liquid. MENISCUS- lowest point of the surface of a liquid- where volume is measured These units are liters (L)

7 Solid Volume – part 1 For evenly shaped objects- measure the sides with a ruler and multiply them SI unit- m 3 Volume = length x width x height

8 Mass Amount of matter that something is made up of….. The metric base unit for mass is grams Very small objects would be measured in milligrams and very large objects would be measured in kilograms.

9 Time Clock Stopwatch

10 Temperature Temperature is a measure of how hot or cold something is. The metric unit for temperature is Celsius Water boils at 100°C Water freezes at 0°C

11 Metric Review LengthVolumeMassTemp. Your height in centimeters Volume of a cube in cubic centimeters Mass of a cube in grams Temperature of room temperature water. Distance between 2 classrooms in meters Volume of water in a cylinder Mass of the water from the cylinder. ONLY the water. Temperature of ice water. Length of your pencil in millimeters Volume of rock in as measured by displacement. Mass of a rock in grams Temperature of warmed water.

12 DO NOW- AUGUST 23 Match the measurement with the correct metric unit & tool (to make a match, choose one from the second AND third column that match up with the word in the first column) MEASUREMENT Length Volume Mass Temperature UNIT Meters Milliliters Celsius Grams TOOL Triple Beam Balance Thermometer Graduated cylinder Ruler

13 Metric Conversions SI Base Units Mnemonic Devices



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