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May 6, 2015.  Welcome  MCIS/Parchment – Lynn Keenan  Transcript, Scholarships & College Visits – Jeni Lindberg  FAFSA, ACT & Senior Timeline – Joe.

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Presentation on theme: "May 6, 2015.  Welcome  MCIS/Parchment – Lynn Keenan  Transcript, Scholarships & College Visits – Jeni Lindberg  FAFSA, ACT & Senior Timeline – Joe."— Presentation transcript:

1 May 6, 2015

2  Welcome  MCIS/Parchment – Lynn Keenan  Transcript, Scholarships & College Visits – Jeni Lindberg  FAFSA, ACT & Senior Timeline – Joe Ott  Question & Answer Session Paul Anderson, Riverland Grant Wall, Winona State University

3  College Expectations:  Strength of Curriculum: Take challenging courses your senior year!  Take additional Math and Science!  Do NOT drop the rigor of your courses during your SENIOR year!  Continue to get good grades and improve your GPA  Class Rank

4  Extra-curricular Involvement: Volunteer, get involved, take on leadership opportunities in areas of interest (sports, clubs, etc.)  ACT/SAT scores  Teacher/Counselor Recommendations  College Essays (make them memorable!)  Academic Passion (for your future career)  Personality (when an interview is required)

5  College applications are online. Some colleges might waive the application fee when done online. You can find the website of colleges in MCIS or by searching the internet, or visit Mrs. Lindberg in the Career Center.  Once you have applied to a college, remember to request your transcript to be sent through MCIS/Parchment. Transcripts are usually sent within 2 or 3 days of the request.  Allow up to four weeks to hear from the college on your acceptance, possibly longer.  DEADLINES – Be aware!!!!!!!!!!!!

6 What is MCIS? Minnesota Career Information System is a web-based resource that supports workforce, course, career, and college planning. Specific to our school where students, staff, parents and counselors can all have access. Used through our Workforce and College Readiness in conjunction with Post-Secondary & Career Readiness. How do I access it? Family tab to MCIS– Austin HS will be linked through Austin High School web site under the “Family” tab.  Questions? Go to the AHS counseling website. Please see “MCIS/Parchment: Information & Directions” details on the right side that is green and red.



9  Unofficial Transcript – Infinite Campus under Reports on left hand side  Official Transcript – Student requests through their MCIS/Parchment account

10  Scholarship opportunities are listed on Career Center website as well as on a monthly scholarship list, which is emailed to parents and connect teachers.  Write one or two “essays” and adjust them as needed – double check spelling and grammar  Do a resume or a chronological list of your activities (MCIS has a resume’!)  Eligibility and criteria vary  March and April tend to be the months with the most “local” scholarships.

11 Seniors are allowed two days for college visits. To schedule a college visit, contact the Admissions office of the college you would like to visit and schedule a date to go. It is best to go when classes are in session so you can talk with other students and staff. It is also a good idea to visit the college financial aid office to find out about scholarships, deadlines, etc. Take advantage of the college representatives who visit our high school. This is a great opportunity to learn about the college before you visit. Dates for visits will be posted on the Career Center website and in the school’s bulletin.

12 What is the FAFSA? ◦ FAFSA stands for Free Application for Federal Student Aid. ◦ How do I apply? After January 1 st, 2016, you will be able to complete the application at ◦ Use the FAFSA4caster to give you an early estimate about your application. ◦ The counseling office will be sponsoring a Financial Aid Night next January/February, and a staff person from the Riverland Financial Aid Office will be here to explain the process and answer questions. We will also be offering several FAFSA completion opportunities in the evening during February & March with experts on hand to help with the process. 

13  ACT is a national college admissions exam that consists of subject tests: English, mathematics, reading, science and writing(optional).  If you have not taken the ACT or would like to retake the test, you can register online at  Registration deadline for the June 13 th test is Friday, May 8th.  Registration for the September 12 th test is Friday, August 7 th.  Fee waivers may be available for students who qualify – see Career Center for details.  ACT is a State of Minnesota graduation requirement.

14  Visit campuses of your top-three college choices  Begin to fill out college applications  Volunteer  Explore different career/college options –  Start thinking about and do a rough draft of a college and scholarship essay. PROOFREAD  Start thinking about financial aid – how will you pay for school?


16 Paul Anderson Riverland Community College Counselor & Student Affairs & Grant Wall Winona State University College Admissions Counselor

17  A copy of this presentation is available on the Austin High School Counseling home page under “Counseling Documents”.

18  “Careers by Choice, not by Chance”  “Love what you do. Keep looking. Don’t settle.” ~Steve Jobs Thank you!

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