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COLLEGE PLANNING & APPLICATION PROCESS Presented By: Tricia Manley School Counselor.

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1 COLLEGE PLANNING & APPLICATION PROCESS Presented By: Tricia Manley School Counselor

2 What should you being doing right now? Junior Year: Researching Colleges Attending college fairs Speaking with college admissions representatives Planning college visits Talking with your counselor

3 The College Timeline Cont. Senior Year: September- October * Research colleges * Plan college visits to your “top choices” * Register for SAT’s * Attend college open houses * Write college essay * Research scholarship opportunities

4 Senior Year College Timeline November *Take SAT’s *Decide on if you are doing Early Decision or Early Action Nov. 1- 15 th *Submit applications BEFORE Thanksgiving break * Continue to talk with college reps * Keep checking on scholarships

5 Senior Year College Timeline December * Students should have ALL college applications sent out BEFORE leaving for winter break *Make sure all applications are in before the deadlines (most are due between January 1 and February 15 th ) *Contact colleges to make sure you have all the required materials in. *Keep copies of what you send

6 Senior Year College Timeline January * FINANCIAL AID! Submit your FAFSA form after January 1 st *Keep checking scholarship dead- lines

7 Senior Year College Timeline February, March & April * Make sure you the FAFSA form and other scholarship applications * Continue to research scholar- ships and other financial aid options * Compare financial aid packages that you have been offered

8 Senior Year College Timeline May *Send enrollment fee and form back to college of your choice before May 15 th (double check deadline) * Inform other colleges you have decided to go elsewhere *Let your counselor know where you have decided to attend and if you received any scholarships

9 Where can I research colleges? The counseling office has college catalogs and contact information Talking with college representatives College visits Different websites: username: bloomfield password: bombers

10 Looking for the right college: Important factors to consider: * Location * Size * Type of College (2-year, 4-year, vocational, public, private, co-ed/single sex etc) * Cost * Programs offered

11 What are colleges looking for? Cumulative Average Standardized Test Scores Recommendations Essays Interview Activities

12 Cumulative Average Overall G.P.A. Rigor of Courses Taken Yearly Improvement

13 Standardized Test Results: SAT Score Range: Critical Reading 200-800 Math 200-800 Writing 200-800 ACT Score Ranges 1-36 for each section- Reading, English, Science Reasoning and Math. AP Score Range: 1-5

14 Letters of Recommendations Positive Personal Ask Early!!

15 Essay Well-Written Proof- Read Correct Spelling and Grammar Consider this an opportunity to boast about yourself, tell your story and explain why you are the right student for their institute

16 Interview This is another opportunity to give the Admissions committee an opportunity to get to know you. Remember this is student- centered! Do not be afraid to BRAG!!!

17 Activities Leadership Sports Clubs Organizations Volunteer Work

18 Upcoming Important Events: Scheduling for the following year (group and individual meetings) National College Fair @ Rochester Convention Center: Sunday, April 1, 2007 Monday, April 2, 2007 Registering for the SAT’s and/or ACT’s

19 Remember to keep in close contact with your counselor! Amy Conklin School Counselor, A-L Tricia Manley School Counselor, M-Z


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