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Kenston High School College Information Evening 2011-2012 An Informational meeting for students and parents on the college admissions process.

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1 Kenston High School College Information Evening 2011-2012 An Informational meeting for students and parents on the college admissions process

2 Guidance Department Staff Michael MurpheyLast Name A – G Jessica KardamisLast Name H – O Stephen ShayLast Name P – Z Guidance Secretaries Linda Hanzak Ann Marie Messner

3 The College Admissions Process

4 Choosing a College Determine the type of college you want to attend. Decide how far from home you are willing to move. Have an honest discussion with your parents regarding all aspects about college. Consider your academic and extracurricular interests. Research, research, research

5 Choosing a College Request additional information on your short list for colleges. Schedule college visits and interviews. Be prepared for your interviews. Complete admissions applications and financial aid/ scholarship forms by required deadlines. Assess your admissions offers and select the college you will attend.

6 The College Admissions Process When to apply… September through December is when most students apply. Many colleges require students to apply before December 1 to be considered for scholarship opportunities from their college.

7 The College Admissions Process When to apply… Deadlines vary from college to college. Most colleges require students to apply online, however some schools still accept paper applications.

8 College Application Requirements What colleges require in their applications may vary. Generally, most colleges require… –Biographical Information –Student essay or personal statement –Resume –Transcript –SAT/ACT scores (sent from test provider) –Counselor or teacher recommendation

9 Applying to College The college application process can often be complicated, but it does not have to be. Follow this checklist to insure that you are doing everything you need to do during your senior year. Take a strong college prep curriculum. The more core classes the better. Complete the Senior Brag sheet/resume. Retake SAT / ACT if necessary. Some schools will require SAT II. Create a self profile and discuss with parents. Research colleges, books, websites, etc.

10 Applying to College Apply to colleges early. Most schools require students to apply online. Many schools have a December 1 deadline for scholarships. Know the procedure for getting transcripts Write a personal statement (if required). Recommendations (as specified by the college). Follow up to make sure all required materials were received by the college. Visit or revisit colleges.

11 Appling to College Research scholarships available at the college of choice. Complete any additional forms for scholarships. Fill out the required financial aid materials (FAFSA) after January 1st. Select your college by May 1st. Send necessary deposits and secure housing. Notify schools not selected.

12 Common Application The Common Application is a way of applying to many schools with one common application. Check with your college or university to see if they use Common Application.

13 How Colleges Select Students Before colleges decide if they will admit a student college admissions directors and their committees consider the following factors. Criteria used depends on the selectivity of the college. 1. Students academic record GPA Class Rank Rigor of curriculum 2. SAT / ACT scores

14 How Colleges Select Students 3. Student Essay 4. Extracurricular activities… clubs, school organizations, sports, employment experiences. 5. Special Talent 6. Community Service 7. Letters of Recommendation 8. Personal Interview

15 SAT / ACT All students should take both ACT and SAT tests along with the written portion of the SAT. More and more colleges are no longer accepting SAT / ACT scores off of the high school transcripts. When registering for the tests, take advantage of being able to send scores to your college of choice (up to 4 schools). After registration for the tests are complete and a college requests that they need your scores sent directly from the test center, there is a fee included for each time they are sent.

16 NCAA Eligibility Requirements If a student-athlete wishes to participate in athletics at an NCAA Division I or II institution in 2012-2013, they must be certified by the eligibility center. To register, go to and click on “College-Bound Student Athlete” to start the process. There is a $65 fee to register.

17 NCAA Eligibility Requirements Inform your counselor so they can send your transcripts to the NCAA Clearinghouse (now called Eligibility Center. SAT / ACT scores must come directly from the testing service. When a student/athlete registers for the SAT / ACT, they must enter code “9999” (the eligibility center code) as one of their free test score recipients. After registering, the student/athlete must complete the amateurism questionnaire.

18 NCAA Eligibility Requirements Division I –16 core courses –2.5 GPA17 ACT840 SAT (v/m) Division II –14 core courses (16 effective Aug. 1, 2013) –2.0 GPA17 ACT840 SAT (v/m)

19 College Fairs and Visitations It may be beneficial to attend college fairs –Lakeland Community College Sunday, September 25, 2011 –Geauga College Night 2011 Tuesday, September 27, 2011 College representatives will be visiting Kenston throughout the fall; check with Guidance for a list of colleges that are scheduled and sign up to attend.

20 Additional Information It is recommended that students visit colleges, tour the campus, and sit in on classes. Take advantage of college representatives visiting Kenston, check the Guidance office for the list of colleges visiting. Students and/or parents must fill out a Record Release Consent form in order for Kenston to release transcripts and other required information to requested colleges.

21 Thank You!

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