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College Information Night Pope John Paul II High School Guidance Services.

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1 College Information Night Pope John Paul II High School Guidance Services

2 Agenda Guidance Team Types of Colleges College Preparation College Entrance Examinations Getting ready for Senior Year Bright Futures/Scholarships

3 Pope John Paul II High School Guidance Services Michelle Chirichella ~ Director of Guidance. Counselor for last names A-M, senior year; A-H, all other grades Erin McDougall ~ Guidance Counselor for last names N-Z, senior year; I-Z, all other grades Jeff Atkins ~ Learning Specialist Annie Dugand ~ Guidance Assistant

4 College/University What are my options? –State Universities –Private Colleges and Universities –State Colleges How do I choose a school? –Campus Visits –Online Information –College Recruiters –Pope John Paul Annual College Fair

5 Preparation for College Best preparation is to take challenging high school courses and maintain at least a B average in core courses all four years Rigorous course load, GPA, and test scores are the top considerations for college acceptance Extracurricular Activities ~ sports, clubs, and community service

6 Preparation for College Get to know your Guidance Counselor who is available to help you with academic & personal/social issues, as well as college & career planning Read & Write frequently ~ this will help to increase SAT/ACT scores Pursue interests and talents ~ look for summer programs to boost resume and help you stand out

7 College Entrance Exams Two tests: SAT & ACT Pre-Act is EXPLORE. Our students take it in Freshman year Pre-SAT is PSAT. Our students take it in both Sophomore and Junior years Detailed score reports from both tests will enable you to see areas of strengths and weaknesses

8 College Entrance Exams SAT measures critical thinking skills; ACT is a curriculum based test. Best prep for SAT/ACT is challenging academic courses and reading and writing as much as possible. Kaplan is available on campus in the fall and/or spring for test preparation. Recommended time to take SAT/ACT is Spring of Junior year. Students are encouraged to take both tests. Some highly selective colleges will require at least two SAT Subject Tests. Students should take the SAT/ACT again in the Fall of their Senior Year.

9 Getting Ready for Senior Year Create resume with the assistance of the Guidance Team (This will help you fill out your applications and help teachers/counselors write you letters of recommendation.) Use internet to continue to explore careers of interest and colleges that offer degrees in your area of interest: Narrow college choices, carefully review admissions requirements & choose senior year courses accordingly.

10 Getting ready for Senior Year Choose 3-6 colleges ~ 1 or 2 “reaches”, 2 or 3 “targets,” 1 “safety” Visit college campuses – vacation idea Ask teachers for recommendation letters (not needed for FL SUS) Work on college application essays over the summer after junior year Work on essay drafts with English teachers and counselors early fall

11 Beginning of Senior Year Apply to colleges Applications are online on college’s website (follow directions!) Pay college’s application fee online Send required recommendation forms to your counselor and teachers Complete “Request for Transcript” card in Guidance Office

12 Beginning of Senior Year Request scores directly from SAT ( ( for each college to which you apply. Be sure your counselor is aware of whom you have asked to write your recommendation letters. Meet with your counselor and/or English teacher if you need assistance with your college essay.

13 Graduation Requirements 28 credits needed for graduation 4 credits of English 4 credits of Math 4 credits of Social Studies 3 credits of Science 2 credits of Foreign Language 4 credits of Religious Studies 1 credit of Hope (Health/PE) 1 credit of Fine/Performing Arts 5 credits of electives

14 Financial Aid/Scholarships Beginning January 1 st of Senior year, fill out the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) In order to receive BF, FAFSA must be filed Bright Futures Scholarship – see trifold or visit NCAA Clearinghouse for athletes Scholarship Booklet will be available in Guidance late November Search internet sites for scholarships,,,,


16 Senior Year Grades Resist urge to catch “Senioritis” Some colleges require mid-year grades Colleges can withdraw your acceptance if your grades drop significantly Final transcripts will be sent to the college you plan to attend after you graduate

17 For further information, questions or concerns please call or email your son/daughter’s guidance counselor directly during regular school hours. Michelle Chirichella – (561) 314-2142 MCHIRICHELLA@PJPII.ORG Erin McDougall – (561) 314-2122 EMCDOUGALL@PJPII.ORG

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