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Coach Medford Building American History Champions.

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1 Coach Medford Building American History Champions

2 Objectives Identify the society, culture, and economy of the Southern Colonies

3 Thoughts What would life have been like in the Southern Colonies How many Southern Colonies can I name On the sheet of construction paper, draw the southern colonies.

4 Questions What problems faced Maryland and Virginia? What economic activities are there in this area? Why do you think these specific economic activities developed there?

5 Virginia and Maryland Tobacco – major crop – take a myriad of labor to plant, tend and harvest White landowners use enslaved Africans First slaves arrived in 1619 aboard a Dutch ship England ships criminals and prisoners of war – these people could work 7 years to earn freedom A plethora of indentured servants arrive

6 Founding Maryland 1634 – Colony of Maryland is formed Land given to Sir George Calvert, Lord Baltimore Wants to set up a safe place for Catholics Calvert’s son, Cecilius, gives estates to English aristocrats, and land grants to other setters Need for workers grow immensely Where do you think the colony found workers?

7 Mason-Dixon Line Calvert and Penn families argue over border between Maryland and Pennsylvania 1760 – 2 men hired – Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon They determined the line

8 Religious Problems Calverts welcome Catholics and Protestants Protestants significantly outnumber Catholics 1649 - Acts of Toleration- ensures Catholics and Protestants have equal rights 1692 – royal colony of Maryland – official church is Protestant Catholics face same restrictions as they do in England Why do you think the Crown of England continues to take colonies back? You moved to America in search for religious freedom…. Now your religion is being persecuted just like it was in England. What do you do now? Do you move or stay. What about the safety of your family.

9 Bacon’s Rebellion 1640’s - Virginia governor, William Berkley, treaty with Native Americans – settlers won’t move further west if they trade some land to the colonists Bacon disagrees with eastern dominated governments restrictions on westerners Westerns settle in restricted lands, blame government for not removing Native Americans 1676 – Bacon leads attacks on Native Americans His army burns down Jamestown Nathaniel Bacon falls ill during raid and dies. England sends troops in to restore order What do you think is the significance of the rebellion? Do you think the crown will continue to ignore the colonist or provide support to help them achieve their wants? What are the pros and cons of helping or ignoring the colonists?

10 Carolinas North CarolinaSouth Carolina Grow tobaccoFertile land Sold timber and tar Harbor at Charles Town (Charleston) Lack good harborSettlements spread Forced to use Virginia’s ports Trade deerskin, lumber and beef Compact settlement Grow rice and indigo 1719 take control of charter and split in 1729 1663 – King Charles II creates Carolina – Charles land Gives to 8 nobles John Locke writes constitution outlining jobs and powers of colonial government Two different regions, northern and southern 1729 - Splits into 2 – North & South

11 Georgia Final colony in America – est. 1733 King George II gives James Oglethorpe the charter Debtors settle colony, receive fresh start Savannah is established as a fort to prevent attacks from the south – Florida – Spanish colony Many poor settle there, few debtors People disagree with Oglethorpe’s rules on no slaves and rum 1751 – Oglethorpe returns charter to the king 150 years of British settlers in America Atlantic coast littered with British colonies.


13 Review Questions Why did Nathaniel Bacon oppose the colonial government? What factors contributed to the growth of the Carolinas? Why was Georgia founded? Why did Calvert establish the colony of Maryland? Why did the demand of enslaved workers increase in the Carolinas and other southern colonies?

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