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The Southern Colonies Maryland, Georgia, Virginia North and South Carolina.

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1 The Southern Colonies Maryland, Georgia, Virginia North and South Carolina

2 Mason-Dixon Line Two men started surveying 244 mile boundary between Pennsylvania and Maryland –Charles Mason –Jeremiah Dixon

3 Mason-Dixon line A line that divides the south and north

4 Maryland Sir George Calvert persuaded King Charles I to give him land –Wasn’t well liked because he converted from being a Protestant to a Catholic –OMG! –Wanted a place where Catholics could practice their religion

5 Maryland Maryland was named in honor of Queen Henrietta Maria (the king’s wife) Calvert died before he got to his land –Son Lord Baltimore Colony got the project on it’s way (Became Proprietor)

6 Maryland Protestants and Catholics were both welcome Act of Toleration: religious freedom for all Christians

7 Maryland Resources: fish, oysters, crabs, tobacco

8 The Carolinas North Carolina: mostly poor tobacco farmers South Carolina English Nobles set up establishments

9 Carolinas Farming: –Indigo: plant a valuable blue dye –Start growing rice Need people to grow/harvest –African population will outnumber European settlers

10 Georgia James Oglethorpe Wanted a place for debtors: –people who own money English law imprisoned debtors

11 Georgia Where do debtors go when they get out of jail? –To GEORGIA! At first... –Farmers could be no bigger than 500 acres and slavery was outlawed Then... –Plantations grew and slavery were allowed

12 Turmoil Bacon Rebellion: –1676 Nathaniel Bacon led an uprising –Attacked Natives –Went to Jamestown and burned it –Then Bacon died suddenly- revote over Followers hung

13 Trade Mercantilism: Nation became strong by keeping strict control over its trade Exports: goods sent to markets outside a country Imports: goods brought into a country

14 Trade Navigation Acts: English Parliament passed laws to ensure that England benefits from colonial trade –English ships carry goods to and from the colonies

15 Trade Yankees: merchants from New England –Dominated colonial trade

16 Trade Triangular Trade:

17 Trade Need some government to control trade Legislature: people who have power to make laws –Christian men over 21 vote –Own property

18 Government Magna Carta 1215 –King loses power John Locke 1682 –Locke's ideas on freedom of religion and the rights of citizens were considered a challenge to the King's authority by the English government and in 1682 –Exiled (told to get out) after he published his ideas

19 Government Glorious Revolution: King James II removed and Mary & William of Netherlands –Bill of Rights: written list of freedoms the government promises to protect Who do you think was mad at this? Who gained the most?

20 Government Why Lead to the Glorious Revolution? o&p=6B0309E79C5FA1D6&playnext=1 Gunpowder plot:



23 Government English Bill of Rights: –Rights of individuals –Right to trial by jury –Couldn’t raise taxes or an army without approval of Parliament NOT all English rights extended to colonist

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