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10/27/10 Discuss the differences between Penn’s “Holy Experiment” and Puritan’s “City on the Hill”. Provide three examples.

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1 10/27/10 Discuss the differences between Penn’s “Holy Experiment” and Puritan’s “City on the Hill”. Provide three examples

2 U.S. History Chapter 3 Section 4
The Southern Colonies U.S. History Chapter 3 Section 4

3 Focus Question What factors influenced the development of the Southern Colonies? To answer this, you will: Learn about the geography of the Southern Colonies Learn about the different ways of life in the Tidewater and the backcountry Learn about the early history of Virginia Discover how Maryland, the Carolinas, and Georgia were founded


5 Colonial America Which color represents the Middle Colonies?

6 Geography of the Southern Colonies
Geography: 2 different regions emerge Coastal Plains Tidewater region was a flat lowland that includes many swampy areas Offered rich farmland Warmer weather = longer growing seasons Major tobacco-growing areas Raised rice & indigo This led to an economy dominated by plantations Slaves were brought to do the work Inland Settled along rivers for transportation & crop growing The Backcountry was very isolated and cut off Usually lived on isolated farms Southern life settled around the plantations


8 The Mason-Dixon Line Boundary between Pennsylvania & Delaware
Divided the Middle Colonies from the Southern Colonies After the American Revolution, it became the line between northern states where slavery was abolished and southern states where it persisted

9 Virginia Grows (1607) Settlers came to try and get rich off growing tobacco Due to disease & violence, the Native American population shrank Conflicts with Native Americans Fighting over land New settlers pushed further into Indian land Governor did not intervene and left disputes up to settlers Reason is because he benefited for his fur trade with Natives Settlers took action into their own hands

10 Bacon’s Rebellion (1676) Nathaniel Bacon led 1,000 frontier settlers in attacks on Native Americans Raided Indian villages Governor declared Bacon and his men rebels In retaliation, Bacon burned down capital of Jamestown Ended when Bacon became ill and died Governor hanged 23 of Bacon’s men Did not stop settlers from moving onto Native American land


12 Maryland (1632) Sir George Calvert was granted land by King Charles I
Built the colony of Maryland Calvert’s son, Lord Baltimore, took over after his death Gave colonists a role in government Granted land to people who brought servants, women, and children Women had the opportunity to set up plantations Colony was also built on religious toleration Act of Toleration (1649) Provided religious freedom for all Christians Jews were not included

13 Colonies in the Carolinas
Settlement took place in two areas/parts North poor tobacco farmers Developed slowly because lack of harbors and rivers for ships South Lived on small farms and produced tobacco & lumber Grew quickly 8 English nobles set up colony of Charleston Perfect conditions to grow rice & sugar Swampy lowlands Became valuable crops traded globally Utilized slave labor 1712: divided into North & South Carolina

14 Georgia (1732) Last of England’s 13 colonies
Founded by James Oglethorpe Wanted it to be a new start for people jailed in England for debt Offered to pay debtors, or people who owe money, to come to Georgia Savannah was the 1st settlement Set up strict rules Banned slavery until 1750s

15 Vision of Public Gardens Savannah Colony

16 The Southern Colonies Colony Settlement Leader Date Reason Georgia Savannah James Oglethrope 1733 Place for people who were not wanted in England-Protection from Spain and France North Carolina Albemarle Group of businessmen 1653 Trade South Carolina Charleston 1670 Virginia Jamestown John Smith 1607 Maryland St. Mary's Lord Baltimore 1634 Religious freedom

17 Extended Response Would you have rather lived in the New England, Middle, or Southern Colonies? Use support to explain your answer Come up with at least five reasons GIVE PROOF & EXPLAIN REASONING!!!!!!!!!

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