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Settling the South Chapter 7 Lesson 1 Pages 252-259.

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1 Settling the South Chapter 7 Lesson 1 Pages

2 Objectives Describe the location & physical setting of the Southern Colonies. Explain why the Southern Colonies were founded. Discuss how slavery affected the Southern Colonies.

3 Vocabulary Constitution – written plan of government
Debtors – people who had been put in prison for owing money Backcountry – the land between the coastal plain and the Appalachian Mountains

4 The Southern Colonies Maryland Virginia North Carolina South Carolina

5 Maryland Founded by: The Calverts, rich English landowners
Why: $$$ and REFUGE for Catholics When: 1633 Owner: George Calvert (died before King gave charter), so Cecilius Calvert, AKA Lord Baltimore 1633 – 1st group arrives Most are indentured servants Potomac River 1st settlement – St. Mary’s City

6 What were the reasons for founding the Maryland Colony?
To make money To serve as a refuge for Catholics

7 Farming in Maryland Tobacco Some large plantations Indentured Servants
Given land (by government) Clothes Tools Barrels of corn

8 Government in Maryland
Had governors and assembly Calverts controlled proprietary colony 1649 – Toleration Act Passed – religious freedom to all Christians in Colony 1702 – Anclican Church become colony’s official church

9 Virginia 1607 – Jamestown Royal Colony (King Controlled)
Tobacco main crop House of Burgesses

10 Feature Comparison Royal Colony Tobacco – CASH Crop Mild Climate
Virginia Maryland Royal Colony Tobacco – CASH Crop Mild Climate Fertile Soil On Chesapeake Governor & Assembly Proprietary Colony Tobacco Settled for $$ and Catholics Mild Climate Fertile Soil On Potomac River Governor & Assembly Feature Comparison

11 What features did Maryland & Virginia share?
Chesapeake Bay & Potomac River Mild Climate Tobacco farming Similar Governments

12 Why were Maryland and Virginia suited to growing tobacco?
Mild Climate Fertile Soil along Coastal Plain

13 Carolina Colonies When: 1663 King Charles II – granted land
Who: divided among 8 English leaders called Lords Proprietors Why: Virginia & Maryland crowded - moved south for land 1669 – Constitution Hard to govern – large; colonists disobeyed laws

14 Split in 1712 Comparison Crops: Corn & Tobacco Couldn’t grow tobacco
North Carolina South Carolina Crops: Corn & Tobacco Couldn’t grow tobacco Land to wet Enslaved Africans – RICE RICE becomes cash crops Africans make up most of the population Split in 1712 Comparison

15 Why was Carolina Colony hard to govern?
Large Colonist ignored laws they didn’t like

16 What role did enslaved Africans play in the South Carolina colony?
They knew how to grow rice, which becomes their cash crop.

17 Georgia When: 1733 Who: James Oglethorpe Why: to send debtors
Savannah – 1st settlement Named after King George II Reason: England, France, & Spain all claimed land south of SC King wanted to send people to protect & gain control of area

18 Slavery in Georgia Leaders limited size of farms Did not allow slavery
NO plantations 1751 – leaders decided to allow slavery In turn, Plantations grew Economy of Georgia grew due to: Plantations Slaves

19 Why did James Olgethorpe found Georgia Colony?
To defend England’s claim to the Southern Colonies And To give debtors a new start

20 What happened in Georgia once slavery was allowed?
Georgia’s economy grew and depended on Plantations & Slaves

21 Heading WEST Most settled along Atlantic Coast (Coastal Plain)
Few in Piedmont (land between Coastal Plain and Appalachians) – AKA Backcountry

22 Great Wagon Road Mid-1700’s
Hard travel: thick forests, steep hills, few roads PA – Germans move to Backcountry of VA & Carolinas Native American Trail large enough for wagons Passed Shenandoah Valley – eastern side of Blue Ridge Mountains

23 The Great Wagon Road

24 Why was it hard to reach the backcountry?
Thick forests Steep hills Few roads

25 How did the first settlers reach the backcountry?
A Native American trail

26 Conflicts with Native Americans
More colonists arrive = more conflict TUSCARORA WAR In NC German & Swiss destroy Tuscarora village Native Americans then not treated fairly Native Americans attack – goal scare off settlers War ended 1713 950 Tuscarora had been killed, captured, or sold into slavery

27 Conflicts Continued Pushed off lands
Captured – sent to West Indies (Sugar) Died Fighting Died of diseases: smallpox & measles Forced to move West to unclaimed land

28 Many were killed or captured Others moved west
What effect did settlers have on Native Americans in the Southern Colonies? Many were killed or captured Others moved west

29 Who founded the Maryland Colony for Catholics?
Lord Baltimore

30 What document allowed religious freedom to all Christians in Maryland?
Toleration Act

31 Describe the area included in the original colony of Carolina.
From Virginia to Spanish Florida

32 What colony did James Oglethorpe help found?

33 What region does backcountry refer?
The Piedmont

34 Where did most enslaved Africans work in the Southern Colonies?
On Plantations

35 What was the cash crop for the northern area of the Southern Colonies?

36 What was the cash crop grown in the southern areas of South Carolina?

37 What caused conflict between Southern Colonies & Native Americans?
Land Destroyed villages Native Americans not treated justly Captured, Sold, or Killed Many died of disease

38 The End

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